Its a very oppressive protestant dominent Country, it has been for well over a 100 years. It even let its cult in to run government sometime during the 1960's. The only way to get rid of it is to say no to it like President Kennedy did. It was the best of times it was the worst of times. In this era so far we've only seen the worst of times. It's time to start where President Kennedy left off.

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That one was a little to long Paul. Shorten it up a little when your ready to answer that question.

Harley Spirit Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

Paul, my man, atheists are always gonna be just plain stupid.  That is why they play real stupid games, and that is why every body is laughing at 'em.


You'd think by now that atheists would have figured out we been stringing 'em along just to get a laugh out of these bozos.


It just makes it all the funnier, watching atheists back up on every thing they say cause they were always wrong and it was not hard to prove it.


Atheists are a cult of morons, and that is what makes 'em so good to laugh at.  They ain't funny, but we can always poke fun at 'em.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike under your Harley Spirit alias you have over 3 straight hours of non stop posting and still going strong. What a sad lonely miserable life you have. The sad part is you are doing nothing but repeating the same crap that your other alias post day in and day out. Your alias Paul did this for at least 8 hours yesterday.

Paul Wittenberg Jr

Edicous is still very much a weasel.  He must be the crank posting anonymously.

Anonymous Comment

So Rocmike switched from Harley Spirit to Paul for hours of posting and repeating the same thing over and over. How sad and pathetic.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike be careful because you may end up in a straightjacket. No matter what you think of how your aliases are real people if they put 1 in a straightjacket the rest will not be able to blog 24/7. 


"""Edicous is still very much a weasel. He must be the crank posting anonymously."""



Who's the Russian Zar, Paul? I can't find him on the internet, the only thing I can find was when there was still Russian Zars around a 100 years ago.


Even most Russians don't even know they have a Russian Zar of today but you protestant in the US sure do know theres a Russian Zar.


You want to talk about it?

Anonymous Comment

Only bigots side with Tadpole.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike give it a break.

Anonymous Comment

Rocmike you were just posting under Paul using the word Atheist in every post. Are you this stupid to believe that you are now not posting under Anonymous and using the word Atheist in every post and no one knows it's you? Now you are back to Paul repeating the same thing. GET HELP. Now your back to posting under Anonymous.

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