No Melvin atheism is not a cult. Its the protestant who leads us to the final solution. The white man needs to be breeded out like the neantertal was, or dwindeld down to a minority until the white man does not feel he is the supreme being over us all.


As a white man I can agree with that - The black man has a dominent seed.



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Why are all atheists so stupid?  Because they are descended from monkeys!


Does anything else matter about atheists except that atheists are liars and unforgivable bigots?


Yah I remember when you used to call the Native Americans bigots because they believe in preserving their culture and way of life. While now you tend to call African Americans racists.


And with atheists protestants tend to sleep with Stalin, and sometimes even Hitler.


That must be your idea of sex some how and here I keep thinking your trying to change the subject.

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atheists are hateful

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Rocmike give it a break.


"atheists are hateful"


Yah they hate your ignorance.

Melvin Whitcombe

Why must atheists parrot the bitter and evil natured lies of their obnoxious cult? 


Clearly we have settled again the fact that atheists can only argue by authority which of course is the weakest excuse that exists.  That is why it is automatically dismissed along with all their laughable and silly little games.  How droll!


There are other obnoxious Middle-Eastern cults that commit the same errors which proves that none of them have any access to God -- just a bitter superstition that lacks all proven faith.


Superstitions like atheism and a few other cuts are self destructive and violent.  That explains the sheer violence of every land that has ever suffered the presence of an outlaw cult that depends on lies.


My, how amusing to see you prove that your cult is completely invalid every single day!

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Rocmike give it a break.


So do jews that pratice polygamy know how sex is used to find your way to your god?


Is it always one man to more than one women? That doesn't always seem to be the way with protestants when at times they share their wives.


If we could find how jews use sex to find your way to your god maybe we could get a better idea how protestants use sex to find their way to their god, they don't seem to know.




I just know that I'M more like them three guys that just can't get it up when protestants offer to share their wives with me.


I knew a woman that was actually married to two men. When one of her husbands became abusive she would go to the house of her other husband. Theres about as many womens shelters as there are protestant churchs but she had it all figured out.


But she didn't take up polygamy as a reason to have sex to find her god. The quality of life has never been that well for women in the US she took up polygamy as a better way to survive. 


You know thats kind of the way it happens with christian men that practice polygamy. He abuses his daughter if she finds a man the father didn't choose for her. The daughter also takes a beating from her boy friend.


The beatings go back and forth until she either goes by the wishs of her father or abandons her family to be with the man she chose her self.


But theres actually women that have more than one husband, one told me all about it. After taking a beating from one husband she goes to the house of the other husband while it perrty much goes back and forth as well.

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