Discuss David Palmer Jr.'s answer to: Religions that use sex, as a way to God and spirituality.

Atheism has always been the anti-religion of reprobates, compulsive liars, bigots, frauds, and hatemongers.  Like any other cult of sheer evil, they have a perverse sexual fixation that defies reason and can only be understood by these creeps and bigots themselves.

Atheists have always run brothels that cater to every seedy form of depravity.  If it is wrong, harmful, filthy, and stupid, atheists will always put a pricetag on it and sell it to other foolish atheists, who always get their money by stealing it or by some other desultory means.

Distrust that government that will not trust you.
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WOW Rocmike aka American Patriot is starting today's posting marathon today at 3.00 pm est with Dave Palmer and anonymous followed by Mike Weaver, Renner back to Mike Weaver and then harry. This is a 7 day a week 12 to 16 hour a day routine of this idiot posting under alias after alias hour after hour repeating the same thing over and over going to old questions and answers. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME THIS MORON LEFT IT'S TRAILER? It seems to have stopped posting at 2.30 am est.

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You would have to be cabled to a brothel wall in a Soviet Gulag to know what suffering is.  Atheists delight in that because they think they can dish out that sort of torment and never receive it back.


Anyone who is so fixed on such a variety of hate is not to be feared, but instead only to be pitied.

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