Religions that use sex, as a way to God and spirituality.

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I don't know their names right now but they are out there, these are cults.

Even the Wiccans, some of whom practice sexual magic, use it as a way to generate power rather than as a way to get closer to the Goddess. We Pagans, while we heartily enjoy sex and do not consider it sin, again don't use it for any religious purpose. I suspect that any cult that does use sex for such purposes is up to no good. Either that or they're setting people up for control. There are sects in India, I believe, who practice Tantric sex, but I think it's more a form of meditation than to get closer to God.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

There are a few truly deviant sects of Hindu that use their "religion" as a front for prostitution.  So it was with Baal and other Middle-Eastern cults. 

The Tantaric sect of Hindu is one of the most expensive (and disease-ridden) obscenities in India.  The sect's bible is the Kama Sutra.  They claim that sex with their "priestesses" will bring special insight into how women think and how best to control them through the abuse of sex. 

Any young man may enter the "temple" free of charge and go through their "rites of passage to manhood" but he must not use protection of any sort: condoms are absolutely forbidden.  Nearly any man may visit as he will. 

Then they find out that they got a lot more than they bargained for: AIDS, herpes, and syphilis, to mention only the first few.  Virtually all boys over 12 in Delhi and Calcutta are expected to visit the temples or be thought homosexual.  That is taboo in India.  Just the accusation can be good for a bad clubbing.

The nasty part is that he is damned if he does or does not, take part: Tantaric "temples" are notorious vectors for every STD that exists and they aren't particularly clean in what they put into who, whether they wanted it there or not.  Extremely expensive treatment for these diseases is the way the temples finance their illicit "rites."  Twelve year old boys rarely if ever enjoy being penetrated with their "implements," however, it is one of their requirements.

Tantaric "temples" are not particularly shy about what goes on inside.  Bas reliefs that adorn the "temples" describe all the required positions, devices, and uses of these devices, on the street in full graphic detail.  There is simply nothing left to the imagination.

Girls who are sold into this "line of work" must do as they are told or deal with cobras.  Many endure the former until they reach the limit of their endurance and then select the latter.  Usually the girls are given massive doses of estrogen gathered from horse and cow urine, and by age ten will have undergone some of the most severe breast augmentation procedures that can be imagined.

That, in my view, is the worst abuse of sex that exists.  The cult has a small hierarchy that lives in very high style at the expense of girls who were abandoned, orphaned, or sold as slaves to settle the parents' debts. 

India has taken stern measures against Tantaric, because it is becoming the scorn of the nation now that India is entering the 21st century.

Our dwindling supply of leftists feel particularly morose, depressed, and hopeless around Christmas. That is all their fault. They feel it acutely because guilt will never leave them alone -- and will be their sole companion for eternity.

There is no such thing as a true religion. All are man made garbage invented to control people.

John 14: 5-7 states:

"Thomas saith unto Him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way?

Jesus saith unto him, I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me.

If ye had known Me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know Him, and have seen Him."

                                                         John 14:5-7


****You do NOT have to perform sex to know God NOR do you have to perform sex to be saved, NOR do you have to perform sex to spend eternity in heaven with God.****

Someone swallowed an old book.

You know, I've been to India a couple times, and I never saw any of these temples of depravity. Knowing me, hard to imagine I'd miss those. If anything, I found most Hindus and Sikhs rather reticent and prudish about sex. There is no cult of Tantric sex, it's simply a sexual and meditation technique. The Kama Sutra is no one's Bible.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.

Mother Who Threw Baby Into Hudson River is Bipolar, Lawyer Says
June 21, 2010 5:01pm | By Shayna Jacobs, DNAinfo Reporter/Producer




By Shayna Jacobs
DNAinfo Reporter/Producer
MANHATTAN SUPREME COURT — A mother who nearly killed her 19-month-old daughter by tossing her into the Hudson River is bipolar and now receiving treatment, her lawyer said Monday.
Devi Silvia, 33, an Indian citizen who moved to the U.S. to accommodate her husband's career, threw her daughter into the river and jumped in off of the West 70th Street pier because she was depressed and trying to spite her husband.  The ritual killing of a child is required of women who belong to Kali, according to Silva as is the hatred of men.  She was indicted on attempted murder charges and arraigned in Manhattan Supreme Court on Monday. Her eyes welled with tears during the proceedings.
Her husband, Amirtharig Prithiviraj, sat alone during the hearing, and also appeared to be holding back tears.  "She has hated me ever since I became a Christian.  She said I should have drowned myself in the holy Ganges rather than cease Kali.  My child would pay the price for my conversion.  That is why we left India.  Now we must return without my wife.  Kali is no religion.  Kali is a cult not unlike your atheists."
"This was a very unfortunate, traumatic and completely out-of-character incident," said Silvia's attorney, Seema Iyer.
Silvia's toddler and 6-year-old child are expected to return to India Wednesday to live with a relative, Iyer said.
Her baby almost drowned, and was floating in the freezing Hudson when she was rescued by FDNY and NYPD marine units.
Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Lewis Stone would not rule on whether Silvia could be released on bail. He gave Silvia's attorney and prosecutors until Friday to resolve the bail issue as well as treatment options for the disturbed mother.
The judge said he believes Silvia's acts were "plausibly explainable by a chemical imbalance," and added that Rikers Island is "about the least appropriate situation there is" for the troubled woman.
Silvia has been incarcerated at the Elmhurst Hospital jail ward since the incident

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