If I pray to the G_d of Abraham, does Christ hear ?

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Jesus Christ is the name of Abrahams God.

yes     Smile

So I got me a pen and a paper, and I made up my own little sign. I said, "Thank you Lord, for thinkin' about me, I'm alive and doin' fine."

There is no Name for God, just labels such as God, Lord, etc, and the most descriptive being Jehovah. As for this question, does Chris hear your prayer if you pray to the God of Abraham. Tough question with a lot o controversial answers because of ones own belief. When you say the God of Abraham you are mostly referring to a mindset of people who believe in a God without a belief that Jesus the Christ even existed, a time in history with an ongoing culture. And then you have a mindset of people that believe that Jesus the Christ is the Son of God and does exist. For a yes or no question the answer is obvious for these two frames of minds.

As for myself, I believe in the three fold nature of God as being One, Father, (Conscious), Son, (The Word) and Holy Ghost, (The Law). And this leaves me with the belief that the Spiritual Universe hears all thought, rather labeled prayer or just idle thinking. It is the Spirit that hears, the Spirit of the Universe.

One can search every facet of the Universe, but unless one carries that which one is searching for with them, they find it not.

As you  might guess MikeC, I agree with Jameslee.

Well said Jameslee.  Glad to see you answering.

Evidently Michael,LindaRuth, and Elden believe in the Triune G-d as well.

jameslee   You have a unique perspective of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.   If I may,  could you clarify your thoughts on the phrase,  "in the beginning there was the Word."     What in your mind does that mean to you ?   Yes  NJoy,  I did guess right.   I think you may have a better understanding of me than most. 

Nothing is as it seem's.

As Jameslee said, "it is the Spirit that hears"   These are Spiritual matters and must be dealt with spiritually.  The Spirit of the Universe is ONE and we all long to be ONE with that Spirit, which is HOLY.  We are the Word, as the Son was the Word.  We are all children of the Universe.

Attn: MikeC

In the beginning was the word. The Father is Spirit, and Spirit is that conscious part of our universe that knows itself, also the “I AM” in all of us. First Cause is the thought of God; in us, it is our ideas. This conscious thought or idea rather Gods or ours is known as the Word, emanating from consciousness. The part of Spirit known as the Holy Ghost is the LAW of God, a LAW that takes the Conscious Word of God and manifests it rather in form or condition. Our own ideas and thoughts are also manifested in like manor but according to the embodiment of the idea. Embodiment of faith that it is and can be or faith in doubt or unworthiness so that it cannot be, but regardless it is manifested according to your faith.


One can search every facet of the Universe, but unless one carries that which one is searching for with them, they find it not.

Attn: MikeC

Yes I did say you were teaching a false doctrine? I said you were teaching falsely from your own conjecture. This is not the truth and is not Christian doctrine, I should have clarified.  And yes, you’re trying to teach that Jesus Christ is the name of God is false, it is not scriptural and it is not true. It is your own fragmented understanding of Jesus THE Christ. It is not Jesus Christ it is Jesus THE Christ. The meaning of Christ is the key. Jesus is the name of the man made flesh who is the Christ, and Christ is not a name. Can you find anywhere in the world were it says, this is the name of God? You can believe that Jesus Christ is the name of God, but teaching it as being true is not Christian doctrine. Show me in scripture, the old or the new testaments, any verification will do.

There is no play in words, I have spoken the truth as I know it, and yes the truth is a good front, it can’t be compromised and it is all that is. As for me stating that I am a Christian, I will leave that statement up to my Lord and those who witness.

One can search every facet of the Universe, but unless one carries that which one is searching for with them, they find it not.

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