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I am a single parent without any family (estranged ...

I am a single parent without any family (estranged for neglect and abuse issues) and only a few fairly self-obsessed friends who drain me emotionally. I have come to realise that one of my issues in life is that I have always yearned to gain love in any form available as I never had this growing up (hence violent relaionships and miserable friendships). I realise that I can find safer forms of love elsewhere including within myself and within the church which I have been considering re-entering). Where else can I form safe strong bonds to fill up this bottomless pit for the need for love?

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You are very good at being introspective.  I have a book that I really think you need to find and read.  A CONSCIOUS LIFE.   I forget the author for now, maybe dr Peck or Beck?  But that title is correct.

It is out in paperback and so you can find it Amizon.com or somewhere.

I think it should be very helpful to you, as it focuses on the problem you've had and will help you in your quest to work past that problematic childhood and its lingering effects upon you.

You don't say your age.  But you will find someone, but don't be in a big rush.  It seems like at times the more actively we look, the harder to find a good person -- we must radiate (as if others can sense desperation and are repelled) .  Church can sometimes be a good place to meet people. Parks.  Beach.  Bookstores.  Grocery and other stores, malls.  Of course bars work too but not recommended for finding a "meaningful, long-term relationship".

Good luck to you.  I hope you'll read the book and think it might help you.


ROBonYEDDA@YAHOOl.com Wisdom comes from Study, Travel & Life experiences! MY YEDDA CONCEPT IS: Good questions deserve good answers; Poor ones deserve a quick/poor answer. Dumb or silly, deserves same ... and the occasional but inevitable Idiots are best just ignored.

How can you say that you have no family?  You either do or you don't - but some families choose not to violate their 'safe' rules -in order that they might have a life they've chosen .... 

Be assured, God loves you and He says He will Never let you down;  yes, people do, and have and will, but remember that you are special in God's eyes, and I'm sorry that someone has led you to believe that you are unworthy;  yes, church can help, but Jesus can help you more; people can also let you down there......  when you are feeling better, you'll be able to 'give back' too.

I've often had issues w/my family, and, children;  my child was 'taken' from me when I had some issues which were easily cleared up w/medication;  now, I wonder if she may have the same sometimes, as she seems to 'drive herself' so hard as I did, in those days. 

What is your family abuse?  Mine was made harsher by a husband who failed to provide, and his daughter and I suffered... altho I doubt if she realizes how hard it was to 'make it'.  I wish she'd learn from my mistakes, and learn to stand on her own two feet - which, I think she does - but in the meantime I rarely see her or my family.

Good luck to you;  God loves you, and promises us that no suffering is 'useless' (Rom. 8:28) ;  now, you can minister to people who are lonely, too;  but your friends sound as tho you are not rec'g. 'your fair share' of 'space' in return;  be sure to take care of you, and remember that He has a reason for your 'suffering'.  Can you forgive those who hurt you?  And, can you remember that you are a Child of the King -if you choose to be, and remember that He made u for a purpose.

When we ask Jesus into our heart, He can fill a great void -and help you to see yourself as a 'Child of the King'.  Try Him -and then church!  He will be your 'forever friend' and love u thru all eternity.  John 1:12

God bless you, I hope this has helped you. and I hope that you remember, as I am struggling today, that u are loved and I will pray for you;  don't waste time on those who don't love you and have nothing to give (but hurt you, phys. or emot.) but seek out those who let you feel good, too;  after all, we were made in His image, and God wants u back to Him -  

Good luck, and God bless you.  You are special.




Dear Lisa,

Have you tried any on line single parent dating service? You also failed to mention how many childeren you have and hight and weight. A few photos of you and the kids are helpful and a lis of favorite movies andmusic and books should be included in your profile.

Although not exclusive for single moms,may I sugjest MyDailyFlog.com.

You may find someone you can relate to there.

   Bill Yoshi1400@aol.com

<a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="http://yedda.com/" class="comlink">Bill</a>

I agree with Rob; You have great abilities for introspection and are very self-aware!...always a great starting point for connecting with others. It sounds like you are on the right track.

The world is full of others just like yourself. All of us want love and many of us are having trouble finding it. I'd suggest joining any groups that appeal to your interests as this will allow you to connect with others of like-mind.

The number one thing I suggest though for anyone attempting to bring more love into their life is this; BE the love that you are looking for. Take any opportunity you can to love and respect yourself and all others who cross your path. The law of attraction mirrors back to us what we put out to the universe. Become the love that you seek and you will create a reality that is quite literally FILLED with love!

Wishing you all the best with this & Sending oodles of loving energy!

Faye - www.wisdom-of-spirit.com/affirmations-for-love.html

<a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="http://www.wisdom-of-spirit.com/" class="comlink">wisdom-of-spirit</a>

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