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If you're in a financial or emotional pit and want ...

If you're in a financial or emotional pit and want to get out of it, does going to church really help if you don't have a positive attitude that things will improve?

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As with anything you accomplish a positive attitude that you could do it was the first step.  Going to church is not the place to depend on for help.  God is our only source of help.  God most defiantly CAN change any situation we may encounter.  It may not be in our time frame, for instance when we EXPECT Him to do the changing, but He is always there on time.  He can also change attitudes.  Pray and ask for His divine guidance and read your Bible daily.  Often times God answers our prayers through Scriptures.  Don't stop going to church.  The devil is trying to dishearten you and wants to see you fail.  If it would make you feel better talk to your pastor.  Hope this helps, take care and God bless. 

God did not give me the spirit of fear, but that of power and of love and of a sound mind. 2nd Timothy-1:7.

I can control myself ,and can handle the thing wisely!

First-ask God for help. Ask for direction and guidance. I've heard if you reach up, he will reach down the rest of the way....then, open to his answer(s) look for what he may show you, in a dream, something you might hear-a person, Television, radio, see in a magazine, a book, at work..waiting in line. Church is a good way to at least BE in the presence of God. It is cleansing. Belief or not, opening yourself to the highest source there is-God, is the best start. Are you experiencing a low period or could it be depression? The question is rather vague considering the possibilities. If you have considered attending Church for the first time in your area, go to more than one-find a good Church "Home," where you feel comfortable..where people are friendly and approachable. Church.. for the sake of "going to Church," walking in, sitting down, listening to the service, singing and hearing a sermon and then leaving, is not going to be much support. Know that you have had difficulties for a reason, that time is over...Now, you want to overcome these problems and move on to a better life-With GOD, all things are possible...He works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform! God Bless you on this journey.

Isn't that like saying, What good is drinking a glass of water when you're thirsty, "if you don't have a positive attitude" that your thirst will be quenched?

Individuals may be going to church out of spiritual hunger, or thirst, or out of hope, or out of desperation. There are these and a hundred other agendas for seeking a closer connection with God.

But if one finds oneself in a financial or emotional pit, one may have to rely on the pre-emptive love of God to draw them to church, even as God's grace first drew any of us to the Christian life in the first place.

Life is a voyage that's homeward bound. –Herman Melville

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