Any Catholic church will accept gay people.

Do you have a definition of "accept" that is different than mine?

Love one another.
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Anna Ponzo

When I say accept, what I mean is will the people in church look at me and my partner strange if we hold hands of hug, as I see so many straight couples do in church.  What is good for one, should be good for all!  It doesn't matter if you are in church, or out eating.  Everyone should be treated with RESPECT.


There will always be people who will not approve of gays showing affection in church. I am not one of them.

I suggest you go to a local church and be seen together for a while. Get to know some people. I think you will find most will accept you and your companion. If you you get a chilly reception try another church. Most Catholics are loving people and will accept you.

Good luck and God bless.


Lido    You love the person but you reject the sin. Don't go telling me that Catholics love the person and the sin. That is just a unfounded statement with absolutely no scriptural backing. 


Where did I say Catholics love the sin?



Anna    If you go to a Catholic Church and they are open to you holding hands with a person of the same sex. Make sure you find a priest that understands you. One that tells you that it is O.K. to express what you are in the Church. Then I would like you to write letters to the nearest Monsignor, Bishop and for that matter even to the Pope. Telling them how wonderful this priest is, how understanding he is because he may have not told you what you are doing is wrong. He is completely open to your idea. I am sure it will advance this priest to the highest levels of the Church. One or the other polar ice caps where he can explain his preaching to the penguins, seals and bears and why they have to live in such frigid conditions.

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