Has anybody heard of stella Angelstone.I googled ...

Has anybody heard of stella Angelstone.I googled her but her

details didnt match her address.She ask me to pay £24

so that she will give me information to win a huge sum of money

IS she a scammer or fraud.Please help

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Virtually ANY promise of winning huge sums of money, as long as you provide a fee or your personal information first, is a scam.

I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.

THIS IS POSITIVELY A SCAM !  Sorry you only collect two hundred dollars for passsing go, if you are playing Monopoly. DO NOT REPLY TO THIS PERSON! Just delete it and be thankful you did not lose any money.

So I got me a pen and a paper, and I made up my own little sign. I said, "Thank you Lord, for thinkin' about me, I'm alive and doin' fine."

I never even heard of this verbal manipulating person before.  I just received a letter from her today claiming she wrote me recently claiming I would win big money and she claims I missed it.  Frankly, I never received her so-called first letter.  She also claims she is a famous clairvoyant and has contact with the angels.  Personally, I believe her to be a scammer.

Stella Angelstone is a scammer psychic!! My family member sends her money to the Netherlands (promised good luck medallions and junk to win millions. The checks are cashed in Dallas, Texas, USA. I cannot get my family member to understand he is throwing his money away!! She preys on the eldery and promises them big money and just takes their money!! Do not send money to her!!

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