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i feel like God has died. its just not the same. my parents arent the same. everything seems so wrong. am i going insane or is there an logic to my saddness?

Joshua, Honey God has NOT DIED, please take my word on this. I think maybe you have lost contact with HIM,but the good news is HE is ALWAYS there for you, just a whisper away. God is NEVER going away, HE is for infinity, forever & ever. I think the ole devil is trying to mess with your mind, and he is good at doing that to people,  he hates GOD and yet he tries to imitate GOD. Do you go to church? If not you need to find a non-denomination church and go to it where they beleive in the fruits of the spirit and practice them in every day life. You do know Jesus Christ, the son of GOD came to earth & died for ALL our sins, all we need to do is ask for HIS forgiveness & be truly remorseful of all our sins and JESUS will cast them into the sea of forgetfullness forever, never to be brought up again. We as humans tend to judge ourselfs much harsher than GOD does, once we are forgiven it is forever in GODS eyes. Please read your bible daily and before you start to read pray & ask GOD to open your spiritual eyes, mind and spirit and give you the true meaning of HIS word. you will be surprised how different you will see things. One thing I wish you would do is every day & night "Plead the Blood of JESUS over your mind, spirit, body & soul. There is so much POWER in the BLood of Jesus, & unfortunately alot of folks dont know that. the devil can NOT cross the Blood LINe of JESUS. I will remember you in my prayers and may GOD bless you, your family abundantly now & forever. God loves you, Jesus loves you & so do I in the name of JESUS.    your sister in  Christ, Judy ( Batmanrr)

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