It means they can see your aura. Which is really nothing terribly mystic as lots of people would have you believe. Every thing that exists has an electromagnetic field. Some people can sometimes see these fields. They believe you can tell what kind of person you are in this way. I don't believe that, and I am a psychic and believe in lots of things. I do think the aura can tell you how the person is feeling at that moment, and give some indication of physical health, but beyond that, it's just an electromagnetic field. Nothing mystic or mysterious or magical.

If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, then that makes me a burning truck filled with TNT hurtling through a rocket fuel depot.
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Stanley Pembroke

Bonestructure, you will find that there is much to the mystical that science bears out absolutely.  The only two cults of completely non-sensical and unscientific bigots on the planet are drunks and atheists. 


The reason we put drunks in prison for crashing their cars into pedestrians is that they were so immoral that they don't care who they kill as long as they get their way. 


Clearly, atheists are worse than drunks because drunks will eventually sober up and realize that they have done others wrong.  No atheist has as much conscience as your ordinary recidivist drunken jailbird. 


All atheists are equally negligent and irresponsible.  That is why they do the horrible things that they do and then scream hatred as they always must in the execution chamber as did Timothy McVeigh. 


Since all atheists are as bitter, violent, and evil as their role models McVeigh and Hitler then there is no use trying to reason with any of these malignant frauds.


There is absolutely nothing else to discuss.  Atheists have proven the case about themselves absolutely and in final defeated plea before the eternal Judge.  Excusing their purposeful and reprobate misconduct is an insult that we have no responsibility to tolerate for any cause whatsoewver.


Oh, I believe in lots of things science doesn't. I'm a psychic and a shaman. I also don't believe that science and religion are, or should be, in conflict. But, thus far, I've seen no evidence that the aura is anything but an electromagnetic halo around, and inside, the body. Yes, I do think it's an external aspect of the soul or spirit, whatever you want to call it. But that's nothing mystical to me.

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