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Which religion should I convert to?

yechiel   It does not matter if Sam believes if Ghandi went to heaven or not.  First of all Sam should pray for the soul of Ghandi and second of all,  we as people are totally irrelevant to who goes where.  I could hope all go to heaven or I could hope that all go to hell.  It is not a factor what I/we believe when it comes to that decision.   It is all in G-d's hands and we have nothing to do with it.   I will tell you this however,  I would not want to live my life in contempt of others.   That is not what I have been taught.   O gee !  I forgot,  I am Catholic,  that can't be right.   I have to be in error here.    Darn those Priests,  now I can't figure out if I should listen to the Sam's of the world,  go to a Temple or Synagogue,  oop's,  I don't think they would let me in.   Hmmm   Maybe I should just read the Bible and be an Island to myself.   That way I would not have to listen to anyone else.  Dog gone it,   "Two or more ,  I am there",    that leaves being a Island  out.       I have a lot of thinking to do.  Undecided

Where to go,  where to go ?  Don't worry, I have been told where to go many times if that is what you are thinking.  Surprised

Nothing is as it seem's.
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P. S  Yechiel   I am not talking about you when I said,  "if that is what you are thinking."   Sorry if I came across that way.  I know I wrote the post to you.   I just get frustrated some times.  I hope you understand I was talking to my so called fellow Christians. 

Yechiel,   you know I believe that you missed the boat but I know another one is coming.   Believe me when I say I hope you get on it safely.   To the Christians of today,   I wonder how many would say,  " Father forgive them,  they know not what they do ! " ?    I am not talking in just the terms of understanding Christ.  I am talking about the terms of understanding how precious  human life is.   G_d said he will give an accounting of each human life.   The words we give in council,  the actions we take in love of others weather they agree with us or not.     All of this will be taken into consideration.   The accounting of each human being will be understood,  not just life for a life but word for word,  action taken,  reaction made,  the spoken word and the true meanings behind those words.   I know that G_d knows.   Praise G_d for his understanding.   Again,  I am sorry if I came across to you the wrong way.    Your friend,     MikeC            


MikeC ... Paul wrote it is appointed unto man once to die and then the Judgment; there is no space of time in between to pray for anyone's soul who has already died. If a person has died without Jesus as Lord and Savior their fate of eternal damnation has been sealed. The only provision [Jesus] to escape eternal damnation must be received in this lifetime, to receive eternal life in the life to come.[Hebrews 9:27; Revelation 20:6]. The research I have down of a “purgatory” is it is unscriptural and had its root in Judaism; a root that Biblical Judaism does not support as being true; no more than the concept of reincarnation.


Samuel    10/17/2011



yechiel Shlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Dear Mike;

I got on at the Moshe-Nile Express. Still on, and the party is great! Man, the Heavenly chroas is great, and I love the Host. I know you do as well.

Anytime you want to visti my boat, hope on over. All you have to do is to turn the page, and think of "for the LOVE of Heaven."



P. S.

i had than one waiting in the cloudsCool


Yechiel     I have a problem,   I want to bring my own lamb chops & beer.

I would love to come on your boat and I do love the Host along with you.   I am a stubborn old cuss and you may not like me once you see me.    I may be better looking than you are and my lamb chops taste better than yours ! Laughing   

yechiel Shlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Dear Mike;

I have found some frozen spirribs. If you like, come on over and injoy.

By the way, do not worry about the looks. From what you just toldme, we may think we are looking in the mirror. Now, why does it follow me around!!!!Foot in mouth

Shalom, Pax;



yechiel    I ask myself the same question every morning.

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