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NY Asylum wake up, you have a patient running amuck

Don't you ever watch these people?
  Posted 20 minutes ago .


AOL are you sleeping again?

Wake up and read the stalker's harassing posts.
  Posted 46 minutes ago .


Bank with good fd rates in India

I want to know about the best option available in banks which would be able to provide good fd rates in India.
  Posted 4 days ago .


Decidermyassll I will not allow anyone to upset you.

You know I have your back. Wink wink
  Posted 19 hours ago .


Decidermyassll how did the hogfest work out last saturday night?

Did you get that fat pig all shining and clean for Cornholio? How much cash did it cost you this time? Wack Wack, Ahahahahahahahaahahhahahaahahhaah ...
  Posted 20 hours ago .