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Because this person does not understand my thinking through my words, she decides in her own mind that I am a liar.

She misunderstands my thinking, and from past experiences with this poster, I do not believe she will ever understand me fully. That is fine with me. She cannot see and understand what she cannot see and understand. Neither can I or anyone else. I just wish she had enough maturity within her to accept my thinking as my statements and not place her judgement upon me. It is ill conceived and it closes the door on freedom of thought. That may be her intent, I do not know.
What I do know, is that when one person insists on stopping another from posting their thoughts, they are thwarting freedom of speech and stalling intelligent inquiry into a favorite subject of many people. Lido told us months ago, that this was no place to "discuss" religion. I am beginning to agree with him, because very little learning is going on here. It boils down every day to one or two people blasting others for their private beliefs that they would like to share.
Look at this "Ivan" person who has stopped posting, and FaithR...others also, but this pest's comments have pushed them away. Civilized conversation does not do that. Too bad we've lost what could have been and should have been a good discussion thread.
I want to ask this question: What does it matter to these adamant posters if someone or many do not believe what they believe?
The world is filled with all types of thinkers. Why must you scream at others about how "wrong" their thinking is? What is your problem?
I love the KJV of the Bible also, but the Bible is simply many books of the history of humankind...that is the OT.
The New Testament was written in order to keep the resurrected Christ alive and available to all of us.
The True Christ is the WORD...(and lives within all who accept that WORD)
.and the Bible is a bunch of books put together. It is filled with inspirational stories of various peoples with the same type of problems we face today. That is why it is so valuable to us. We are still able to identify with the people of the Bible and with their interpretations of their own history.
Jesus is the LIVING WORD, not the book that holds his story. I know people who won't even write in their Bible, because they see it as such a HOLY book, but it isn't the book that we should worship, it is the Living God of this Universe.
And that monotheistic God is the Father God of all of us. We are HIs and He is ours....man,woman,child,saint, sinner. His love, like him is SPIRIT, and we should worship him in Spirit and in Truth.

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ivan Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Amen! Well said, Njoy. 

jameslee102447 Thinks this answer is Helpful:

What! Sounds like you want people to be nice?  Njoy what are you thinking?  What would this world be like if everyone was nice?  Where do you get these ideas?  Everyone being nice, that is the most unheard of thing that I have ever heard of.   

Yechielshlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Dear Njoy;

You expressed what the G-d of Creation asks of us. Now, if we could do as He wishes, what a beautiful world this would be.



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njoy is a trip with her jameslee and her IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIvan.Laughing

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