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Which religion should I convert to?

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This is not a popularity contest, you know...

You should believe what you believe. How can you decide your faith based on an internet survey? 

A baby is God's opinion that life should go on <a href="" rel="nofollow" cl="" class="comlink">Sandburg, Carl</a>


First you'll have to find why do you actually want to convert ?.  Why are you not happy with your present religion ?.  Then ask yourself what religion "speaks" to you best and if it provides better answers than your present religion.  B4 your final decision to convert please  make sure the new religion REALLY appeals to you (whatever you choose) and only if it does, make the necessary steps.  Remember: Religion is not a pair of shoes..... you don't adopt a new religion every year or two...... and it's not an item / product you pick at the market.....
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Love is the battery of life....

You do not indicate what is your present religion and why you would want to convert. I think you should be more knowledgeable of your own before considering conversion.

Why do you have to convert to a religion. What on earth does it offer you except a closed mind. Open up to the whole world inside you. You are everything!

Bored people are boring.

I am answering this question as a Muslim. I hope I have been objective in my comments about other religions.In evaluating your present religion or choosing another one, there should be some questions to ask regarding not only what you want or expect from a religion but what you believe God would expect from anyone who believes in Him.Obviously, if one believes that a man/woman is born in original sin and needs a savior to die for him to be cleansed from something the first parents did then any other religion would not fulfill this need.Those who do reject this idea would not choose Christianity, at least for that reason. Christianity generally practices the concept of "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and unto God what is God's" which separates the civil from the spiritual, although this has not always been practiced and has allowed the Church or religious leaders to control or interfere with the policies of the state and declared indivduals as heretics for not obeying or threatened them with excommunication or other sanctions. The modern church recognizes the need for the state to act in conformity with ethcal and moral principles and not sideline religion to only the private sphere. Judaism would then be a possible choice, if one accepts that the Jews have received a revelation from God, where He made them the Chosen People and by fulfilling all the requirements of the Covenant and what their scholars have decided is necessary to do that will earn them merit in His sight. Early Jews did not all believe in a resurrection of the body or in a heavenly Hereafter, if I am not mistaken. In Israel, Judaism is the religion of the state and all laws must be in conformity to biblical law and tradition as interpreted by the Chief Rabbi. Old practices of sacrifice by priests are not possible without a restored temple. The practice of Judaism is now divided into Orthodox, Conservative and Reform traditions to cater to different concepts of how it should be practiced today.If one does not believe in a personal God, or in an absolute monotheistic one and the spiritual and moral discipline that those religions offer is sufficient for him, then he might choose Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Taoism or something similar. A goal ofachieving a spiritual state called Nirvana and in Hinduism a belief in reincarnation to achieve a higher state of being.1.


Nirvana a.


Buddhism. The ineffable ultimate in which one has attained disinterested wisdom and compassion. b.


Hinduism. Emancipation from ignorance and the extinction of all attachment.2.


An ideal condition of rest, harmony, stability, or joy.There are other disciplines which may not qualify as religions but systems to act ethically and can be classified as Humanistic.  Islam meaning surrender or submission (to the will of Allah, the Arabic name for the monotheistic God the Muslims believe is the same deity worshipped by Jews and Christians but without their belief in the Trinity, could be a choice for those who believe that revelation was not limited to the Jewish prophets or who do not accept the Christian view of Jesus as the “son” of God, although accepting his miraculous birth from Mary.Muslims accept all the prophets from Adam through Jesus and believe that Muhammad was the last prophet and receive the final and complete revelation from God.Islam does not recognize a line between the religious and the secular and while a Muslim can practice his faith without living in a country that has Islam as the state religion, it would be ideal if all the laws were in conformity with the dictates of the Qur’an. There it forbids the drinking of  alcohol, gambling, fornication, adultery but allows divorce and permits but does not require the practice of  polygyny (having up to four wives if they can be supported and treated equally.) If only drinking alcohol was forbidden and enforced by other religions, we can realize how many lives would be saved.The punishments for fornication, adultery theft and murder are severe and meant to prevent these crimes and are considered draconian by today’s standards but the society must achieve certain level of faith and commitment and given the necessary support to be able to discourage their practice.Muslims believe in a Heaven and Hell and that forgiveness of sins is possible by asking God for pardon for mistakes and a sincere repentance for sins.Islam condemns polytheism as the biggest sin and setting up any human with the attributes of God.One must study the religion that we received at birth although Islam teaches that every child is born pure in the religion of monotheism but his parents choose something that qualifies or modifies it. Is therefore our obligation to examine it thoroughly and test it to see whether it conforms to what we understand as the purpose of religion, to please God by worshipping Him, and serving Him as obedient servants, that is to act according to His will in all aspects of life. Before one chooses another religion, there must be adequate study and if possible finding good examples of those who thoroughly understand and practice it. Those who sincerely strive to find the truth will find that God will open the way. If we approach a religion with preconceived ideas, stereotypes and prejudices, the truth will remain hidden from us.The essential thing is to believe in His Oneness, His Compassion, Mercy and Justice and to act without doing harm to ourselves and others and do good to ourselves and others in order to achieve peace and happiness in this world and the next.Today, there are attacks against all religions or the belief in God  by atheists or by some scientists regarding specific beliefs.Whoever believes in the unity of God and the Last Day and does good will be judged by the sincerity of his faith and the consistency of his actions that were inspired by that faith. Our goal is to be aware of  His Presence in this life and to be in His Presence in the Hereafter which we call Paradise. May the Almighty and All Merciful help us to reach that goal without straying from His path.     





Religion is a liability in other countries. Such an

attitude breeds atheists. All other countries have
mono-theism. Hinduism is poly-theism. All rivers
finally join the one ocean. In the same way, worship of
any god will finally reach Paramatma. In India, we are
free to choose a god of our liking. This is what it
keeps our individuality and spiritual freedom . You can
make religion your way of life, and live a very lively
life. It shows the unity in diversity among Indians.
Willing to meet intellectuals


The entire Buddhist monk's life is but a preparation,
For his Death point or moment of seperation.

The Jains have santhara,
Quitting life consciously to join with the paramatma.

Hindus go into samadhi,
Where there is no Congress,BJP,Shiv Sena or Samajwadi.

The Christian merges with the holy spirit,
Peace,no more desperate.

The Sufi mystic to become one,
Dances,twirls,prays,trances to get the job done.

Aghora means Illumined with Light,
Longing for Shiva in whom they delight.

Shamanism or the Art of Ecstacy,
The ultimate being one with the superentity,

There is no need to change your faith,
And on your old religion lay a wreath.

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None.  Try thinking for yourself.

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