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To get angry is human, to keep calm is fundamental in a discussion of different views, especially religion. To make peace with your brothers/sisters is not a suggestion by Torah or the New Testament. Trying to degrade someone should not be an objective. Lying about who you are is not very wise nor is it very pleasing to God no matter who you are. I guess people should ask themselfs if they are being honest in the eyes of God first, before they respond.

Knowing that we will all have to answer to God in the end on how we act, what we say and how we do. This just might be a good thing to think about.

 This is just my opinion.

Nothing is as it seem's.

Attn: Yechielshlipshon

I thought this was a closed issue. 

You are not calling a faith equal when you are telling that faith that the whole premise for their faith is not true. Now is this not what you have been doing when you say that Jesus the Christ was not the lineage of the house of David? Or when you say that Mary was not the virgin spoken about in the Old Testament? Then you keep denying that which is obvious, as if you did not say it when it is very clear that you did. Was it not you that said “The descendantcy has to be from the father, to make it legal. At least this is what G-d wants, as He told us through out the Tanach.”. Now your back again trying to justify it by saying you have said all along that you have said all along that all faiths are equal. Would I be saying that your faith is equal if I said that the God you believe in is false and is really nothing but one of the Gods handed down to the Jews by the Egyptians, and that Judaism is really based of several other Gods? Let me answer that NO, I repeat NO. Our Faith is based on the One God just as Judaism is; the difference is that the Christian faith is based on the acceptance of the Blood Sacrifice for the wages of sin by the Son of God known as Jesus the Christ. Now let me ask you, was this not what you have said and does it sound like a person saying that all faiths are equal? You have refused to take responsibility for what you have said; instead you keep trying to justify it.

Those who believe that Jesus was anointed with the Spirit of God and is the Messiah have a Universal King and this would mean that Jesus the Christ is the way to Gods Kingdom and salvation. And if one does not believe in Jesus the Christ then perhaps their Holy curriculum has yet to be discovered.

One can search every facet of the Universe, but unless one carries that which one is searching for with them, they find it not.

Njoy exodus 4:22 When God told Moses Israel was his first born. Israel was God's first born nation of people that he chose to lead the way for the rest of the world to follow. They followed the one singular, "I Am". The Jewish people still believe that today. My problem with them, ( the Jewish faith) is that, just as David who was young and not the oldest son, he was to be King under the dismay of many. As far as my recollection, God never said Jesus was his first born son, He just said Jesus is my son. I think this is where AC try’s to make the point that Jesus was the second son that God had directly created since Adam. Both having  different objectives and or motives. Adam was created by the love of God, Jesus was created for the conformation of God and the objective of/in our lives. God, did not tell us how to live, He showed us.   Just like David, Jesus was rejected by many. And the story continues.

Nothing is as it seem's.

Those who hate other people for any reason, are not people of God, period. If Jews hate Christians, they are not people of God, If Christians hate Jews, they are not people of God. When we generalize any group of people with hate, we do an injustice to the individuals who do not hate. Life is about the individual and his individual relationship with God and his fellow man. Belonging to a class of people, that is something I don’t worry about because I have no class. Undecided

Nothing is as it seem's.

Many believe that the Bible was written by God, this is not true, correctly understood is that it was written by the Inspired Word of God. Many believe that they must believe everything in the Bible of which I believe is also wrong simply because there are many different renderings of the Bible. The Bible was written by a composite of many different manuscripts found in history, many of which have not been accepted and therefore not imbedded within the King James Version. Then we have different renderings of many words, that have different meanings or understandings for different reasons such as Greek or Hebrew translations. There have been many discovers of this and new Bibles have been written to reflect this extended knowledge. This was not reinterpreting the Bible but correcting old incorrect renderings. But as it stands we have all been somewhat groomed and taught from are parents and past appreciation and perspicacity of the Bible. So what we have is a possible new grooming of self by replacing old impressions of a hand me down religion. This takes nothing away from the essences of Bible or the Word of God, but give different facts and can only expands ones insight.

One can search every facet of the Universe, but unless one carries that which one is searching for with them, they find it not.



I see you are still defending that which has no defense with more deception.

Once again you redirect, you try and deceive those reading. The argument is that you do not write what God composes, you write your opinion of what God composes. I am not sensitive I am speaking the truth, and you don’t like it.

Then you say you researched your post as to where you said that any faiths are not equal. More deception, as if you don’t know, no one said you said it; it was quite explicit that you implied it by telling those of the Christian Faith that their Faith is based of false beliefs.

Then you vilify the massager as saying that Judaism is not equal to Christianity because they cannot recognize or accept a messiah because of what they read in the Tanach, more deception. I have not once tried to change the beliefs of the Jews; their beliefs are between them and Jehovah. I have however pointed out your short comings of which you only play games with, as if you are righteous and keep trying to defend that which cannot be defended because it is very clear. And you do this by deception and redirecting the truth of what is being presented.

And to say this is why Jews cannot degrade another’s faith, because we are all here for His purpose is really reaching, why not just lay claim to this is why Jews cannot sin because all are here for His purpose. You state that “Any Jew who does what his faith says he is not allowed is in the same position as anyone who does the same thing, in regards to his faith.” Is this not true of all Faiths?

And your last little bit of deception is asking me to post one of your post to as where you identify your saying one faith is inferior to another. Like you have been told, but refuse to acknowledge, you have been saying it implicitly all through your post, every time you tell the Christian Faith that their religion was contrived.

And now it has become an issue of your integrity, your defending with deception, and redirecting the true issue.

One can search every facet of the Universe, but unless one carries that which one is searching for with them, they find it not.

Thank God for Jameslee, the only one posting on this thread that I can count on for a complete and extremely well thought out answer. Thank you so much Jameslee. You've got that Holy Spirit within and you allow it to serve you and others so well. I appreciate knowing you as a friend online.





 PLEASE listen:::::
I did not say that Jesus was "one way among many." Those are your words, not mine, Aloe.
I said....The Indwelling and Holy Spirit of God whom billions call Christ is the way the truth and the life, and does not belong exclusively to those who follow Jesus, the journeyman from Nazareth.
I also say that it is my understandING that Jesus was telling us this very thing.
That Jesus did not mean that he----his humanity---was the way the truth and the life, but that his divinity was.....his Christ/Indwelling/God's Holy Spirit within our own humanity....that Spiritual path is the path to finding God....not the man....THAT'S WHAT I SAID....

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