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MikeC???   Have you lost track of the fact that what we call God is Spirit... not material??? 

God has no DNA to pass on..... DNA is physical....  God created all matter/material....God is Spirit....that is why he used a human body to live among us and demonstrate how his holy spirit can live within us. 

    Jesus demonstrated this, but civilizations (too many) have placed "Jesus/humanity" above "spirit/Christ/god"     


  My physical self and your physical self are not who we are in the eyes of God.  It is our spiritual self where God abides.   When we forget that God is and always has been SPIRIT and LOVE..... we tend to want to think of Him as physical like us....but that is getting it backwards. 


We are created by His Image....spiritually, not physically.....Not only was Jesus there with Him in the beginning....we were also....we were the "twinkling in God's eye" if you will.  

   Spiritually speaking is what we need to concentrate on, not a physical entity like ourselves....that is where all the confusing comments come from..... that is why atheists do not believe in God.  We've all been playing pinochle in the bottom of the Annie Dillard said in Pilgrim At Tinker Creek.  Paying attention to the material/concrete/physical aspect of our little lives, and forgetting who we truly are....created and holy spirits living in a physical world and a physical body that are both amazing and unbelievably wonderful, when the real/true life is in the Spiritual.   Spirit is Energy.  Energy never dies.  Energy is Love, it provides us with life.  Mankind has witnessed this for eons and chosen different names for it.  we call it God.  There is no better word.  and yes, Christ and God are the same, and so is the Indwelling the is the Holy and Divine nature that has been granted to everyone by The Grace of God Almighty...the Mystery of Mysteries.


You cannot understand the concept. When you read verses like "I and my Father are one." (John 10:30) you think that Jesus was saying that He and God are on the same team. But even the unsaved Jews who murdered Him knew that He was calling Himself God, how come you, a saved Christian, do not?


Oh, but I do, and I believe we who have accepted God's gracefully given Holy Spirit within can say the identical same thing. That is the difference. I am awake to the truth of the meaning and I can say with confidence (but not conceit) that I AM....because I and MY Father are ONE. No need to "be careful" out of fear of some wrathful sky-god of long ago....Today, He is with and now....Alive and well within my heart and soul. Yes, I was given the ability to acknowledge this Indwelling and so were you. We are God's children. When you see me, you see God. When I see you, I see God. That is why it is not difficult to forgive the most heinous of crimes....because God has given to me the same as He gave to his only Begotten Son....these are words....but the true meanings and true ideas and expressions are Holy and Mysterious.....we are One with God....we are not God the Father who created all, but we are able to live with him here and now and when we are taken away by a physical death, we will abide with Him Jesus.




ac WRITES TO njoy::::

Why not reread, this time with an open mind and without the suspicious eye. I love the Lord Jesus Christ and would never blaspheme Him, much less deny Him. You speak carelessly about a very careful subject.




Thank you, but my way of speaking is not careless. you think it is careless because of fear. God is with me, I speak without fear.

ac quotes to njoy the following verse::::

John 14:6 6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.


njoy replies back to ac regarding this quoted verse:::

and you honestly believe that when Jesus said these words(given to us here through John) that He was talking about his humanity and not His Divinity?

I'm sure Jesus did not want us to worship his humanity. I'm sure Jesus was telling us that "/Christ/I AM that I AM is the way to the Father God! truth of Him and thus Us; life today and forever.


Anonymous Comment

To the Anonymous poster who proved NJOY and Yechiel are the same poster, We thank you very much.


to the poster who posted this nonsense, you are about as far off-base as one can get. And who in the Heck is this "we" with you?

Just because I see Yechiel's point of view as his own, and do not dis him as most of you have, does not mean that I and Yechiel are the same person. You and your "we" must be nit-wits to think this to be the truth. What a joke....


Anonymous, leave it alone, you know she is not yechiel because she said she wasen't. Even if she was you think she would tell you, get real.

Most of You take the identical scripture that I take and we see/hear it differently. For you, you are seeing it clearly....for haven't seen it all.....I think the difference in how we see/understand the Word is either literal(your way) or spiritual(my way). Both are acceptable, and I saw only literally for many years, the years I sat in church pews and attended church sponsored classes and conventions.....however....things changed completely once I began to study on my own, with just my Lord and my Bible.....when the spiritual door was opened in my mind by God's Amazing Grace....I was so filled with JOY....and that JOY has not diminished one iota...because it has been kept alive through more and more study and re-reading and re-thinking everything I thought I knew. Spiritually for me is the only way to read God's Word....I've tried, and failed to share with you the beauty of my insight....and I am sad about failing....all I can do now is forgive you for not understanding me and forgive myself for not being able to use the right words to express my love of God/Christ.


You quote Paul ac,  and that is fine but remember.....Paul's thoughts/opinions/writings are Paul's thoughts/opinions/writings.

I said, I don't think Jesus intent was to be a mediator. He was God himself. I think Jesus was teaching us that we could go to God without a mediator. Now, I understand that we cannot find God except through Christ/Indwelling. Without that Holy Indwelling Spirit within us being acknowledged we cannot find God....on our own....with just our humanity/ego in tact. God will elude us unless we follow the path of Christ as Jesus instructed. order to find that path, we must become humble in heart and mind and be willing to be led by that "still small voice" inside of us, which is God's Amazing Grace leading us...calling us...softly and tenderly....not preaching and shouting, not threatening us with hellfire, but whispering to us lovingly. Softly and Tenderly Jesus is calling, calling for you and for me....See on the Portals He's waiting and Watching ....watching for you and for me....come home...come who are weary come home...

That was the song the congregation was singing when I made my way up to the front of the church and gave my heart to Jesus. In the Baptist church that was called the "invitation." It was and is a special song to me. If I had not spent time in solitude and in introspective contemplation every chance I got during my growing-in-Christianity years, I would not have fully understood the spiritual side of myself and my Lord and Savior. I am sorry I have failed to explain myself and my beliefs clearly to all of you, or most of you...I should say.

    G-d-centered, selfless Man-centered, selfish Bible (5 books of Moses) written by G-d, with Moses as secretary New Testament written by man G-d creates man in His image; thus man has a soul and free will Man creates G-d in his image; thus Jesus is declared to be a deity Bible (Hebrew Scriptures) quotes G-d directly, in His own words, over 3800 times New Testament never quotes G-d a single time, other than quotes from the "Old Testament" Man's purpose is to serve G-d through His Law—the commandments G-d's purpose is to serve man by providing salvation—for free G-d's commandments are binding obligations G-d's Law is a nice idea, but it is only "fruits of the spirit," not a duty Jews believe in the Bible because G-d said so (orally) Christians believe in G-d because the Bible tells them to Jews study the Bible only according to the oral tradition received from G-d Christians interpret the Bible according to their own ideas and opinions Jews believe in Moses because G-d gave him authority Christians believe in Jesus because he gave himself authority G-d controls evil, using it to punish sinners and for other purposes The devil controls evil, using it to rebel against G-d By doing G-d's commandments, man brings G-d closer Christians wait until G-d brings Himself closer to man before agreeing to do any good works Man follows G-d's commandments according to G-d's own detailed instructions, whether or not it makes sense to man Man uses his own reasoning and interpretation to decide what are "good works" and what are not Man transforms the world to reveal its Creator -- to bring G-d's eternal kingdom here on earth Man leaves the world behind, escaping earth to enjoy heaven G-d creates and runs the world to serve Him Evil controls the world, which will ultimately be destroyed Man has direct access to G-d through prayer and repentance; any mediator only gets in the way & blocks the relationship Man has no access to G-d except through a man (Jesus) Doing G-d's commandments is a privilege & opportunity that provides true freedom G-d's law is a burden and a curse that enslaves and condemns man G-d made eternal covenants—1 with Jews, 1 with gentiles—and He keeps His promises G-d "changed His mind," throwing away the old covenant for a new one


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