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Keeping Ebola in check?

Helloooooooooooooooo The Border is wide open.
  Posted 15 hours ago .


True Christian brethren, here's a testament to the work that we all do

This is an email I received this morning, from a woman that heard me preach the Christian Bible. My dearest Pastor Reverend Cooper, It is with tears in my eyes that ...
  Posted 5 months ago .


Why is madonna selling her clothes?

why is madonna selling her clothes?
  Posted 4 days ago .


Where are the prophets in Arlington Texas

where are the prophets in Arlington Texas
  Posted 5 years ago .


AOL's Welcoming Committee

Wow, what a great job. As soon as any new poster posts for the first time no matter what time day or night they are greeted by Lenore/Tadpole the Rocmike Stalker lunatic that ...
  Posted 1 day ago .