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Looks like we have all had a little time to reflect, a little soul searching goes a long ways. We are surrounded by a new beginning of which we have a choice to renew ourselves for the better or keep wallowing in the same old bane and vile existence of spreading dissension and hostility. For the believer this moment in time is called “The Dark Night of the Soul”.

“The Dark Night of the Soul” is that point in time when worshiping God becomes difficult. A time when the pendulum of ones closeness with God swings to the other side and causes one to question their intimacy and friendship with God. We all know this period of seeming separation, this moment that would make seasoned saints feel abandoned or forgotten. St. John of the Cross is the one who called it “the dark night of the soul.” It has also been referred to as “the ministry of absence”, “the ministry of the night” and “the winter of the heart.” But regardless of the name, what it really refers to are those days of spiritual dryness causing doubt and a seeming separation from God. A phase and feeling that causes one to question ones faith and closeness with God and at the same time stretches ones faith.

Thinking from problem to problem within this phase of seeming separation only causes worry, but to think with faith on your relationship with God within this phase is called meditation and is faith building. This period of seeming separation is a time to meditate, pray, forgive, ask for forgiveness, rebuke the devil, confess your sins, thank the Lord, a time for worship, a time for soul searching, a time to pour out your heart and unload every emotion that you feel. And know that this too will pass and this whole situation is a maturing of your relationship with God, it is a sensitive time of reflection regardless of conditions.

The one thing to remember in times of this spiritual gloom is that God will never leave you, but that does not mean that you will always feel his presents, although a very worth while goal and desire. We must all learn to trust God, especially in times of despair.

Most important during this moment in time of “the dark night of the soul” is to hold firm to the knowledge that we are all as close to God as we choose to be. And in times of uncertainty one needs to know that as you draw close to God, God will draw close to you.

This is a time of expressing ones self to anyone willing to lesson, and uplifting for self and those around you.

One can search every facet of the Universe, but unless one carries that which one is searching for with them, they find it not.
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We have a lot of God fearing atheists on this blog.

fletcherba234 Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

When Physicalist lies in the name of evil, it is perfectly natural because atheism is a cult of evil.

n Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Thanks for the "welcome back" Yechiiel.

Yechielshlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Dear Njoy;

You are welcome.  I like to have positive persons to communicate with. We have the same direction to go, only different footsteps. Whay matters is that we respect each other's way of walking with G-d.

Thank you.



Yechielshlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Dear Fletcher;

Not all theo-orintated persons are good, not all atheist are bad.

In Jerusalem, we have some fanantics among the Orthodox, who give people who come dressed into their neighborhhood "H". For example, a woman is dressed normally for worm weather. She has no problem even in the strick observant neighborhoods of any faith. But these few think they know what is best, and if a woman comes into their neighborhood dressed normally for worm weather, they threw junk at her.

Personslly, I agree that they have a right to respect, but this works both ways.

On Atheist? I happen to know there is G-d. OK. Now, can you guess what leaning the founder of Zionism, Theodor Hertzle, was? An atheist. But he believed strongly that all people should be treated with respect. Jews were treated like you discribe the way you think atheist treat people, but they were Christian of all back grounds, and many leaders. So he worked to find a home for his people, so we would not have to be harrassed by these "athiest" behaving people. 

Medicene, psychaitry, other sciences and agriculture were also developed by persons who did not accept G-d as we do; either maybe, or not at all.

So to say all of my people are so good, or all of another people are so bad, does not fit.

By the way, my sister is a teacher. In her first years, she was told by several parents "Thank you for teaching my child religion!"

She would never do so. Not right, so no go. But the standards she exemplified were such that their parents had the wrong view.

She is still alive at 73. She told me reciently she is an Atheist.

But, we respect each other, and she does a lot of good, as our parents taught us.

Think about it. Maybe less finger pointing, more like my sister?

Shalom and GBY;


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