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Which religion should I convert to?

And Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.

One can search every facet of the Universe, but unless one carries that which one is searching for with them, they find it not.
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No one is criticizing the cab driver.Just stating a fact about Jews,obviously the nice cab driver was not a Jew, a Jew cab driver (ANY JEW) would have charged the old lady double price of the fair. and smiled at her while he did it.

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Yechielshlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful: I have had similar experiences as an Officer.



As an officer did you lock yourself up for your crime,or did you become a officer after your crime? just asking.


Raddatson I have a funny feeling you would have been on Yechiels case if it was his story ! The objective of the rebuttal is clear. Your rebuttal serves no purpose and has no quality to it.

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Dear Mike;

Thank you. When I missed up and all the garbage came out, you may have noticed I kept quiet. Thought I would see who of those who talked the talk, would walk the walk.

I had to learn some hard lessons 25-30 years ago. I do what I can to walk right, and to have empathy for those who are still searching. For those who walk as their system/faith says they should, I have no issues; for those who do not, there are no issues, as we are going two different ways; I Heaven ward, and each of the others,  as he or she choose.

Thank you again and GBY.




Jameslee--Let's face it, even the story of Adam and Eve puts a value on a lack of inquisitiveness. The punishment for eating from the tree of knowledge and disobeying god is a metaphor. It means do not seek knowledge, just stay in the Garden with your nude bodies eating and enjoying the sun while wallowing in ignorance. 


They already had knowlege,  they did not need to seek it. 

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Jameslee102447 is the truth.

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Jameslee102447 is THE CHRIST!!!!

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