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When I was in High School I remember that there where so many kids that had a lot of brains. They could memorize books, tell you the dates and the times when things happen. They always received A’s in class. Not all, but many of them did not have a lick of common sense. All my life I have dealt with these so call intellectuals that have gone no where and have done nothing and yet they brag about how smart they are. The same thing holds true with the Bible, people that think they know all the answers, have everything understood and yet they can be the biggest idiots I have ever heard and again they will not go anywhere. These type of people do not look for answers, they think they are the answer. In my opinion, they are boastful blithering idiots. No one knows all the answers. If you cannot listen, or try to understand a thought in another perspective you are not a intellect, you are a idiot ! You are not a saint but a sadist. You are not heavenly, I will let you make up your own mind on what I meant by that. It does not do you any good to know every letter of the law if you don’t understand the meaning of the law. I think you will find that in scripture as well. Of course you need to read and understand the intent. In order to understand the intent however, you need to have common sense.

Nothing is as it seem's.
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