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Faith is something that we do not compromise with for the sake of compromise. Faith is something you believe in. It is not to be compromised ! The problem is not "Faith" as much as it is recognition that others are standing up for what they believe as well. Knowing this and dealing with this in a civil matter is difficult to say the least. This is why the first rule of a debate on faith, is not to take the belief of another personal. Say what you want structured by what you believe, but try your best not to make it personnel or that someone is attacking you personally. . There is nothing wrong with saying, "I believe you are wrong" This is why I think this way. This is what is written and this is how I interpret this. When it comes to faith, we have to be patient and respectful as much as possible. We cannot believe every time someone does not agree with me, they are attacking me personally, they are attacking the subject and that subject is personal to me. Trying to keep that in perspective is difficult. I know I have failed on that a couple of times. I think on it and try my best to get over it. In my view, if you want to talk about faith, you better be ready for a fight ! If you are not ready for a fight, you better take on the subject of " growing flowers or something else." To me, as long as we attack a subject and not the person behind the subject things will go a lot smoother. I do not dis like anyone on this thread, but it is very difficult to stay on topic with all the personnel attacks. I hope I have been clear on what I am saying.. GBY MikeC.

Nothing is as it seem's.
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Yechiel does blogging take your mind off of your other hobby? Lets hope so Julius.

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Yechiel does blogging take your mind off of your other hobby? Lets hope so Julius.

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Yes, blogging takes my  mind off of my other hobby's.


Ruth You stated Njoy said, "Jesus passed the seventh brotherhood test; and, in so doing, received the highest degree, THE CHRIST. This title and degree had to be conferred upon Him by God himself at Baptism. Prior to this, Jesus could not rightly be called "the Christ" or Jesus Christ as He was merely Jesus of Nazareth; however, after Baptism He was on His way to become "the Christ as "Head of Hierarchy for the Piscean Age.’

In my view , this statement cannot be true. I go back to the beginning. Now of course if you do not believe in the Virgin birth, I guess to you, this statement can be a true one. Not to me, because I do believe in the virgin birth as written in scripture. This was all well documented by Isaiah well before the event of the birth of Jesus Christ. To me the Christ did not come latter as stated above.

The very first question would have to be, do you believe in the virgin birth of Jesus ? If a person does, logic would have it, that a much higher power was involved before conception as foretold by Isaiah.. There was and is a set goal or reason for this specific birth set up and initiated by Yahweh himself. Christianity is based on the concept of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ from the beginning. This is a foundational truth in my view.

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