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How amusing.  Physicalist opened this thread because he hoped to support atheism by removing love from everyone -- because atheism is at war against love.  Then they deny their games, confabulate excuses, and deny the truth because they are that hateful.  No one buys your games, loveless one.  Not even you.

The opposite of love is not hate.  It is cold indifference.  That is why all atheists practice the rigid creed of lovelessness,  Islam is exactly the same in that they demand indifference and submission to a confabulated and loveless idol they call allah.

Loveless bigot, when will you realize that you are the only one who is cold and empty enough to practice atheism?  After all, it is only a game for loveless demented crazoids to play, but that is what you deserve for making yourself utterly loveless therefore absolutely worthless.

Atheists forget to love.

That is why we also forget them, once they are dead and buried, therefore no longer important.  Loveless atheist, why do you persist with your loveless games?  Loveless Muslim, why do you play the same loveless games?

The reason that you are utterly alone at Christmas is that you deliberately brought it on yourself.

There burns no hotter fire in hell than that reserved for cowards, home wreckers, and troublemakers. Be warned accordingly.
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yechiel Shlipshon Thinks this answer is Helpful:

Dear Fletchba;

Did you remember your psychiatrist. If he was not an Atheist, some of his teachers were. You need one, as you are so hyped up on hatred. Take a look at what we post. Only the lonely bigot post hatred, therest of us find only love.




The one and only time I ever spoke to a psychiatrist was on retiring from the Marines.  He asked a standard battery of questions that indicated my state of mind on re-entering civilian life.


He recommended that I look into a second career as a flight instructor.  I have done so.  I still love to fly, but you know something?  He gave me a clean bill of mental health.  I couldn't have become a flight instructor in this day and age if there was ever one question about me.


Sorry, but I don't believe you'd pass FAA flight physical or Homeland Security for a private pilot license. 


Yechiel, there is no hate in me but since your other screen names include Physicalist and dfrogpong, then perhaps you are the one in need of psychiatric evaluation and treatment.


The ONLY hate on these boards comes from you, my man.  No one else has your tendency.

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