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During a kundulini awakining I saw a skull I also heard a choir sining. What does this mean. I was sleeping and the music woke me up. Energy was moving up and down my body, then I saw the skull.

The awakened Kundalini Shakti can give one various  experiences... hearing celestial music is one of them, hearing thunder is another.  Not sure about the skull, that could have a personal meaning but what I feel is MOST significant is being able to feel the energy moving UP the spine, toward the top of the crown chakra.


Hopefully you have a True spiritual Master who will be able to guide that awakened Energy.    Two books that really helped me a lot (That's an understatement) is  Play of Consciousness  by S. Muktananda ... which spells out in great detail His own Kundalini Awakening and also explains for others what it all meant, since there are very few trustworthy and detailed writings on this extremely esoteric subject.

Two other very small but very powerful books on Kundalini are The Sacred Power ~ A Seeker's Guide to Kunalini  and The Guru's Sandals ~ Threshold of the Formless    both by Swami Kripananda   a delightful being whom I have had the great pleasure of meeting  and consider to be one of if not the most learned authority on the subject. 

 Many blessings on this MOST auspicious journey Home...to the place you never truly left... your SELF  : )

~ The Heart is the hub of all sacred places, go there and roam ~
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