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im a new born again christian awaiting baptisim. i have feelings that confuse me i hope someone can help explain them to me. when im in church i feels so good and full of love and feel that christ is ...

Perhaps you mean that you accepted the lord "Jesus Christ as your Savior?

which does mean that you Are now Saved from The Terrors that await those who choose to Reject "Jesus Christ as the Redeamer and Savior! of our Eternal Souls...(He is the Way The Truth and the life! No Man comes unto the Father but by HIM! Amen<><) of those> All who come into this world with the "Original sin committed by the ancestors ie. Adam&Eve?

Now, you have taken another step Which is the public proclamation that your sins are now buried and you a New Creation Thru the Blood of "Jesus Christ of Nazareth! The Only Living God!<

When you EXiiiiiiiiit the Water, or Baptismal same thing! You Are "BornAgain!

you are symbolicly being brought out of the Watery GRAve. a New Birth<><

After which we say we are Born AGAIN! in the Spirit of the Lord...

GBU and your new Walk!

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