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Would you rather be lied to by an Atheist, a Christian, a Jew, Moslim? Or do you have another preference? Likewise, would you rather be killed by an Atheist, a Christian, Mosleim or Jew etc?

I see no difference whether a person is Atheist, Christian, Muslim or Jew.

I believe in Humanity. A person should be justified by his/her deeds and shouldn't be prejudiced based on religion.

Science is supreme..
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Harley Spirit Thinks this answer is Not Helpful:

The only bigots about religion I know are atheists.  Any body else might rap with you about what they believe but atheists get real ugly real fast unless you are an atheist, and that means they are so evil can't no body talk sense to 'em at all. 


They prove that every chance these bigots and liars get.  Atheists are the worst liars on the planet.  They think it is cute.  Any body that don't hate God as bad as atheists do is gonna get the business real fast and real mean and they are just plain evil about it.  There ain't one of 'em that is one bit different either.


Atheists ain't family men.  Best you can say about these spineless creeps is they lie to men, steal from women, desert their kids, and prove they are the worst bigots on the planet.


I got no use for these gay losers and you should not either.  Well, maybe target practice, I guess.


First of all I want to make it clear that atheists aren't bigots. These guys just require proofs and evidences. They think everything in a rational and skeptic way. So I don't think, if evidence of God is proved in scientific method, they are going to disregard God's existence.

Secondly, atheists are also humans. So I don't think accusing them of being emotionless is philosophically sound.  

Anonymous Comment

Take no notice  of Hardly Spurt; he was 'outed' and it unhinged him.

'Twas being caught riding side saddle that gave him away.

Anonymous Comment

Atheists are so insanely bigoted that even the best proof of any requirement to behave in a civilized manner will not satisfy them, hence all atheists play games which proves that all atheists are mindless bigots and incurable psychopaths. 


If they seem to act like Jeffery Dahmer, it is because they share that same incurable genetic abnormality and should be removed from society as a very real threat.  It is the "Murderer Gene" that is common to all the truly evil bigots on the planet.  They are all atheists to the last of these raving morons.

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