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What is the best way to get out of a relationship without hurting the other person?

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I don't think there is a "best way", but being honest gives the person the respect they deserve and lets you walk away in good conscious.

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The best way is to be straightforward. You need to gather your thoughts either call the person or meet with them face to face and explain to him/her why it will not work. DO NOT drag this person on when you know that he/she is not the one for you. Remember it is selfish of you. Do the right thing, it takes guts but you can to it!

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If the person cares about you, they're going to be hurt reguardless. Best way to end it is by being honest and on good terms. Be as nice as possible about it & say something like "you're a great person but this relationship isn't working out. Maybe we would be better off as friends"

The best way to get out of a relationship is not the easiest way, but down the road much better for everyone involved.-You must honestly explain to your current partner what you are feeling- give him or her the reasons for your mindset so they can have some closure. It will hurt the person at first, but honestly leave a clean cut that can heal smoothly. What ever you do-DO NOT get involved with someone else until you end you current relationship. That will only make matters worse and remember- what goes around comes back around

Just be honest and say " I like being with you but sometimes it's fun to go out with someone else. Let's start dating other people and see less of each other...at least for a while, and then we'll see how we feel about it."

There is no Easy Way. But I find it best if you are Honest with them.

Honest Explanation

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look its impossible of getting out of a relationship and not hurt the other person. what you have to do is be honest with thedm and explane why you are breakingb it off woth them, unlesss they are abusive and not nice then i would advise you to just take all you things and run.

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