I wrote a letter to this girl telling her i liked ...

I wrote a letter to this girl telling her i liked her and i havnt seen her since school has been out. I dont know what to do and i need some help. I really like this girl and think she is the most beautiful person in the world.(thats in the letter too.) Please help me out....

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Did you e-mail her or wrote an actual letter and sent it to her.  If you e-mailed her, write her again, and if you wrote a letter, send another one.  Hopefully your letter did not get lost.

     By doing these , you will send a message that you are really interested in her.  When the classes will start, you will find out how you stand with her by observing her actions.  So hopefully it will be a positive response.  Take care.

Be honest and be true to yourself.

The only thing I would do is check if she received that letter.  Phone her and simply asked if she received it.  If the answer is "yes", than say nothing and just wait for her answer..... don't nag and don't send any reminders (she choosed not to answer, respect it !).  If the answer is "no", then tell her you have sent her a personal letter and was upset / dissapointed not to receive an answer (and re-send it). 
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Love is the battery of life....

when it comes to likeing ppl, usualy they are pretty understanding about it....and yes waiting can be hard and painful, and yes it is very hard not knowing what she thinks about it all. but chill out! relax!, its all cool, if i were u, i would ask someone i kno who is friends with the girl u like, to see if she could check if she got the letter.....but i would not send anoher letter, that makes u seem a bit clingy, and i kno i wouldnt like that. well good luck with watevr u deicide 2 do!!

First off... I want to commend you for telling someone in a letter what a beautiful person they are. Please, please never lose that trate to tell someone how you really feel, good or bad. Wear your heart on your sleave, and don't play mind games. But also, don't let someone walk all over you. I know...so far my advice is all over the place but be true to yourself, because girlfriends will come and go. And they will all be good expeirences(you may not think so at the time). The worst thing you can do is beg for affection, or a relationship or attention. Althought the latter is fun to watchWink. Anyway....if this girl doesn't respond to you after a beautiful letter as the one you wrote, there are probably 2 reasons why. 1, she didn't recieve it. 2, she's not interested. If she's not interested move on...but believe me, she will never forget the letter you wrote her. She may even hold on to it for....ever. Try to contact her again, maybe in a more casual way. Perhaps the beautiful letter was to soon and to much for her at that time. If you don't know the person really well you mat not know what is going on in their life. And it is summer. Maybe she's visiting family or on a summer trip. Don't ever give up on YOURSELF. Be true too YOURSELF. It's so easy to try and be what you think  another person may want. That ends up hurting both people. OK...I'll get off my soap box now. good luck and I'd love to hear how it goes if you'de care to share.



show her wut u got lol...mayb she'll like it

if you emailed her than email her again, if you gave her a had written letter there is nothing more you can do, (you can talk to her if she of you have a facebook, or her cell number) if you do get in touch with her just tell her how you feel. Hopefully you do well.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!Laughing

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