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How is it handled when a sex offender gets married ...

How is it handled when a sex offender gets married and has children? Can they attend their childrens school events? And can they be left alone with their children?

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I am preatty sure since they are there own children they should have no problems being alone with the children although you should check with his P.O. if he still has one if he is able to attend school functions. 

The world sees you as how they want to see you and not for who you really are.

It all depends on the judge and the state.  I have a friend who has a husband who is a sexual offender and when their second child was born he had to leave their home .  It took alot of working the justice system to finally get him to be allowed to reunite with his family.  On the other hand I married a man who was a sexual offender with no parole or probation and not even required to go to court ordered counselling ( he did on his own) and my then 10 child was taken from me to live with a father who was out of his life for 3 full years, was $10,000 in arrears in child support and convicted of domestic violence on me.  I had witnesses to testify what a good father figure my present husband was compared to my ex-husband yet the term

Sexual offender was enough to get my child taken.  He has been emotionally tamatized by what his biological father has told him which are all lies  We are still fighting long distance to get the child back.  The father has moved out of state so his step children could be close to their father..

If the sex offender is on parole then no, he or she cannot go near a school or be alone with minors. If the person is not on parole then he or she can be alone with their children and go places with them. I am regrettably a sex offender and I got married and have two kids. I got off parole almost 5 years ago. I can be with my children anytime. Once you are no longer in custody of the state then you are free to be with your children.


Please tell me where u live! I am in pennsylvania. My fiance is a registered offender. His offense was in 1993 when he was 17. He never admitted guilt and accepted a no contest plea agreement that was thrown out and he was sent to prison for 10 years. He served his full sentence because he refused to admitt that he raped the girl. It was a highschool he said she said that her daddy found out about. She changed her story several times. Anyway, now he is almost 34 and we just had our first baby. I also have an 8 yr old son. He had no parole or probation after being released in 2004. He has a 10 yr registration of address and employment as the lowest level offender. The day my daughter was born cps showed up at the hospital before I even saw my baby and told me I couldn't let him be alone with my children. We took it to court and are losing every step of the way. We have been living apart for the last 7 months since my baby was a week old. We have 2 hours a day of visits. The call into cps was that he is an offender and the caller didn't feel that he should be allowed to be a father. This is where we stand today. Being a torn family and searching for somewhere to move where maybe the law will see that this is ludicrous. I miss him. My son misses him. Our baby needs him. I am disgusted with the country that I thought I lived in. Our story goes even deeper. The alleged victims family sued cps and won $3,000,000. He was in the custody of the state at the time he was accused and they blamed the state for failing to give him services for apparently having a sex disorder. In court cps claimed they weren't responsible because he had no issues and was not in need of services. Yet here we are in court listening to cps now say he needs services. It's been 17 yrs!!! Everyday I tell myself that this must be some sort of joke. But then I wake up alone and realize that it's not and that this registery has destroyed my life and my family. If anyone knows how we can deal with this please let me know. So far the court doesn't care what my son has to say or what other family members have to say. All they care about is that he was convicted and needs to admitt his guilt to complete the therapy program. Yeah, the one u get kicked out of if u say u didn't do it.

What hurts us even more is that because he claims his innocence they are saying that he is a psychopath. They are forcing him to do all sorts of psychological evaluations to try to figure out what's wrong with him! Why isn't he just admitting he did it? I mean the girl did say he did it. First she said he had a mask, then she said he didn't and she saw him and she said he had no weapon but then she said he did have a knife. She said he hopped out from between houses and snatched her but other kids on the bus said they got off together and were walking together. I mean she's clearly a credible sorce. (excuse the sarcasm)! If I can teach parents one thing about sex offenders it's this. Protect ur sons from girls. It doesn't matter what they say it doesn't matter what really happened, it doesn't matter what sort of evidence there is or isn't. If ur son is accused his life is over. I have a son and I will do everything in my power to keep him away from girls because they scare me. I even had a young cousin of mine accuse a boy. She was 13. She got pregnant. Hid it for 8 months. When my aunt found out at the doctors office my cousin freaked out and said I'm sorry mom I didn't want to do it he raped me. Thankfully she changed her tune in the car on the way to the police station. It's that easy to ruin someones life and the lives of their families.

Don't move to Illinois.  They will not  see the truth even from professionals.  Florida is much more understanding for low level non-predatory sexual offenders.  You still have to register 2x a year but there are no restrictions or restraints on where you can live.  Trust me I know 

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