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Is sugar really toxic? Is this possible?

Some years ago we developed three specialty menus: heart-smart (low Na, 0-LDL), diabetic (controlled sugars and carbohydrates) and weight loss under 1.2 KCAL/daily).

Mostly we choose menu items that will agree with the dietary requirements these good people suffer.  They also deserve good food!

Our diabetic meals might be:

Garden salad w/ vinaigrette, roast meat of choice, small baked potato with sour soy yogurt, Stilton or Camembert, fresh melon compote, and decaffeinated espresso.  Caffeine incidentally counteracts insulin in some regards, hence we eliminate it very discreetly from diabetics. 

Still one cannot prepare food without some sugar present.  Nor can one bake bread. 

I find that the excessive use of sugar and ANY use of MSG, only makes food less than appealing.

Life is too short to waste it on poorly prepared food.
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Harley Spirit

Man, I never went for fancy chow.  Just give me a corn dog or two on a stick and some cheap yellow mustard from a gallon jar, wash it down with iced tea, and I'm good to go!  Keep the rabbit food for the rabbits!

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