Is regular education given more priority then distance learning?

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Is this J/O really going to ask this same stupid question every stinking day?

Yes, obviously regular education gets more priority than distance learning. You learn many things which helps in developing your personality which you don't get in distance education program. Cognita is one of the main leading schools in United kingdom, as I have studied from there, I can say that my individual personality has been very much affected which might have not been if I would have chosen the distance education from any school or university.

Distance "education" is so far divorced from useful education that it can hardly be considered education at all.  One simply cannot instill discipline from a distance, yet ne could easily enough commit leftist brainwashing from a distance.

There is simply no substitute for a class, working in teams, and the development of that competitive drive that makes excellence not only possible, but the primary requisite.

What you do discloses what you think. We are wisest when we keep a good eye to history and learn from their mistakes.

Some people are giving it lesser importance but some are treating it just the same.

yes.regular education is given priority .But in some cases distance education learning is also important!!!

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