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How to get red dye off fabric that is faded onto white

how do i get off material red faded on white

my granddaughter has a solid red dress with white collar & cuffs.  the red faded on the white.  Is there any way I can get the red out? This is an expensive smocked dress.  I have NEVER seen so much fading.   

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Have you tried washing it over a few times?  If it's not too bad and just spots, Clorox makes a Bleach Pen that might work.  You need to be very careful with it and NOT get it on the red, or it will bleach it out.  Then hold the collar under the cool water so it doesn't get on the red when you rewash it.  Hope this will help.

Sometimes we put up walls not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.

Go to the aisle where they have the RIT dye display.  There is one that is not a dye.  I forgot what it is called....dye remover maybe.  Anyways, my kids threw a dark green shirt in with my whites one time.  I had a blue, white and black stipe shirt that was in there....it tuned blue, "green" and black striped. You boil the rit dye remover on the stove.  Soak the ENTIRE garment in it for a few seconds, rinse it under cold water, wash it as normal and you will be amazed! I did an entire load of green socks and underwear and they came out perfectly white.  Just follow the directions and it will ONLY remove the red dye from the white part of the dress....the red part of the dress will stay red.

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