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RV Expert What is the most reliable RV?

RV Expert

What is the most reliable RV?

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I can not say for sure the most reliable, but many people would agree that one company is MOST NOTABLE for factory support (for parts, or for info on road or for helping their owners, even after the warranty has long run out).   That would be ALLEGRO made in ALabama by TIFFIN MOTOR HOMES.  

I've been "rving" for 33 years and owned numerous brands, including an Allegro and now a County Coach.   County Coach is known to be good to its customers too (plant in Ore) but no rv maker has ever done so good at just being there for you for ANYTHING at ANY TIME that ALLEGRO; the original owner was there at the factory and set that example, last I knew.

For reliability, I love diesel over gas ... they are just more reliable and start so well and run so strong.  I have had gas and diesel and would be hard for me to go back to gas after diesel on motor home.  Cummings turbodiesel and Allison computerized transmission has been GREAT in my Country Coach for 10 years and still going fine!

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Rob is definitely experienced and has very good advice. But like a car or boat, you can get an RV of any brand, sometimes they are reliable and sometimes they are not. There are many variables that can affect the performance and reliability of any type of vehicle.

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