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Reconstructed files?

 Is it possible to reconstruct a file which is partially corrupted, so that you can access the part of the data that is still functional?

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I depends a lot on the format of the file you are trying to save. But there are programs, can't think of any right know, that add so called zero (empty) bytes to a corrupt file that can be opened later. But some files like text files or very specific files can hardly be opened if they are severely damaged.

Can you give more details about how your files got corrupted, or why you thought they are corrupted ? (there might be a chance they are damaged etc.) Were the files saved on your PC or external device such as USB or memory card? 

OK, I have never hear about the concept of file reconstruction or similar. I think what you need is bring those files back to normal and continue open or run them. So if this is what exactly you are looking for, my suggestion is finding some data recovery programs to deal with. Recuva is definitely the first option as it's 100% free. Find the step by step tutorial from this blog post. See if it can help you find the original files back.

Without luck? take the device that contained those "corrupted" files to a computer shop and consult some professionals for more information.

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You say what program you are using.... very important. U can copy the entire files into a 2nd directory or the GOOD files, then REinstall the program. ( this is when the PROGRAM is important. Some REinstallation of certain programs UNINSTALLS itself, then installs into a frest, clean directory. Whats the name of the program???

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