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What can i use in place of chicken broth in recipes

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You can use bouillon cubes (one for each cup of boiling water) to a recipie although it is much more salty than chicken broth.

You can also buy a chicken for soup and boil it in water to extract the chicken flavor and depending on how much water you use you can keep it for using in recipies.  Strain it good before you put it in a container.  It will also freeze in say a ziploc bag for future use.

It depends on the recipe, but you could use water, white wine, vegetable broth, . For example if you are making rice and it calls for chicken broth, you can substitute any flavor you like such as mushroom soup.  But if you are making chicken casserole that depends on chicken flavor then you really need chicken broth. Of course you can make your own chicken broth like it says in the first answer.

Really just depends on you. If you just don't like chicken broth you can use vegetable stock (boil carrots & onyons along with any other veggies in water.  Strain out the veggies, add salt and pepper to taste)

You can really add any liquid you like. Sometimes I even use milk in recipes to give them a different "kick". This is good in soups and stews because it makes them a little thicker and has more of a slow cooked feel. Just mess around with diffferent tastes and you will find a winner!! After all cooking is like a science experiment with trial and error! Good luck to you.


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