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The recipe for inamona

how to make inamona

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Roast the nuts whole over a grill or in a 325-degree oven until golden brown. This will take 60 to 90 minutes using either method. Take one kukui nut to test and bash it with a hammer. If the meat inside is a dark brownish color, it's ready.

Cool the nuts, scrape out the meat and chop fine. Mash in a mortar with a pestle to a fine consistency. Add Hawaiian salt to taste.

Inamona should be approached with some caution. If you use the meat from the kukui nut before it is fully cooked or you eat too much inamona, you could get a very bad stomach.

Let the sun shine!

thank you Lou Lou!  How much salt is needed to what amount of nuts? Is there anything else you use to make inamoana?

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