Can you receive your credit report under any name ...

Can you receive your credit report under any name they have on file?  Would you ever have any problems viewing your credit file if you have gone by more then one last name?

I ask married woman or persons that have legally changed their name their experience or someone whom has worked in the credit field.

If you changed your name notified your creditors and the credit reporting agencies. Give them all the documents required so they are notified.

Your report is held under your former name as your primary name such as a maiden name. In order to view report online or order over phone you must and can only use your former name.  Is that a common practice ?

In theory I would say yes but if they will not give it to you using your other name by phone or internet how do you know they will by mail? 

Report reflects your new name as an other name you go by, an alias or AKA on your credit file.

Will you ever run into any problems obtaining your credit report?  Example such as getting it via snail postal mail? Would they except your ID etc in another name they have on file as long as they have it on file ?  I have found it isn't as simple as you change your name and contact the right people  because you have the same ssn dob etc.

How does it work? Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

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