For some reason when I try to click on the contact ...

For some reason when I try to click on the contact button to respond to your recent email I keep getting an error report and from that point I get kicked off. I wanted to let you know that your response did not answer my question. All I was wanting to know if there was a spam or spoof address that I could send a suspected spoof or spam e-mail to aol. I ended up with this long drawn out process which made things more confusing that it really should be. To be honest at this point I am finding it easiest to just delet the suspected e-mail and hope that other subscribers who use Aol who wish to try and report the spoof or spam e-mail better luck getting the spam or spoof mail reported than I have. Honestly the biggest fear that I have is that whoever is sending out these spam or spoof e-mails do not have enough computer sauvy to gain access into an unsuspecting e-mail receivers computer. There should be an easier way to report questionable e-mails other than the process a person has to go through now. On top o fthat as a user of Aol you really do not know if what you have tried to report has even got reported. Maybe Aol can come up with a better way for Aol users to report suspected spam or spoof e-mails. To ultimately answer your question, no I did not find this assistance that I was seeking helpful at all

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