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Training only once per week and performing 10 sets of only four reps, super heavy, is how actual bodybuilding is done.  Mike Mentzer proclaimed this back in the 1990's but was ignored.  No steroids or prohormones are needed.  Growth and strength gains are a sure thing.  Recooperation is key.  All bodybuilding mags promote twice per week which is a farce.  No human body can recoop that fast.  Most so called bodybuilders are dreamers only because they are over trained and therefore will not grow.  When will weight trainees ever come to the realization that there is a correct way and that it is not published in the common magazines?

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What is correct for one person may not be correct for another.  Everybody's physiology is different.  I agree that training only once a week and performing 10 sets of only 4 reps, super heavy, for each muscle group, is a very good way to build muscle, because that would allow each muscle group a full 6 days to recover.  You do 1 or 2 muscle groups each day, and you will cover your entire body in 4 to 6 days.  However, not everybody trains for size alone.  Doing lighter weights with more reps will give your muscles more flexibility, and makes your routine less boring.  As for bodybuilding mags'  recommendation of twice per week training, I really believe there are people who can recover in 3 days because of their higher than normal human growth hormone and testosterone output.

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Here's the thing. There have been many bodybuilding systems over the years, and all of them work, for a while. The fact is, any given system only works so long because your body becomes habituated to the system and you will stop gaining. The way the muscles gain is by shocking them. Once they become habituated, you have to change the routines so that they can be shocked again. My own favorite system was the 100 rep system. You start with just an empty bar, and do 100 reps. Once you can do 100 reps without strain, you add a pound. When there's no strain with that, you add another pound. And so on. You do a workout every day, but you only work that one muscle a day. It's highly effective, it does spur growth, but even that system will only last so long before habituation sets in and you have to change to something else. The reason I liked this system so much is because along with muscle work, it also greatly strengthened the tendons and ligaments, which is something I find a lot of bodybuilders neglect, and pay for with with injuries.

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Bodybuilding nutrition program encourages smaller and frequent meals rather than large and less frequent ones which can aid in how to get rid of love handles. This is so because frequent meals increase your metabolism. A pattern like not eating for a few hours after a large meal will make the body gain fat and lose muscle because the body will experience a catabolic state.

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It would take pages to do complete justice to reviewing Brink's Bodybuilding Revealed, because it is such a monumental piece of work. I can't imagine the man-hours that went into the creation of this resource let alone the research that had to be done.

Things are not that simple. Every routine looses effect after awhile. You have to change it. Bodybuilding the natural way is a farse to begin with. There are no natural 300 pounders.

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