How can I see my REAL credit score?

I looked at 3 different websites: score sense gave me a 680, credit karma gave me a 567 and quizzle gave me a 614. I am so lost!! Which one is my credit score?Is there a more official way to find out?

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I wish it was that simple, but it's the opposite. You have a few scores. FICO, Vantage and CreditKarma. Each use different formula and different scale. FICO scales is from 300-850. Vantage goes from 501-990. Not sure about CreditKarma. FICO is the only one that should interest you. 90% of financial business (banks, c.c. companies etc) use it. Vantage is an attempt of the 3 large credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian Transunion) to bite on Fair-Issac's share (the inventor of FICO).  Credit scores are database driven. Each of the 3 credit bureaus keeps information about your financial behavior in their databases. Not all financial institutions report to all 3 bureaus. Some may report to only one credit bureau. Others report to only two, and some report to all. The credit bureaus do not share information between themselves. As a result - each database will produce different score even when it's fed into the same formula. As to further complicate things - it turns out that there are different versions to FICO. Auto finance companies use one version, while mortgage companies use a different one and so on. So even if both will check your credit at the same time from the same bureau - still, they will get a different score.

When you check your score they use a generic formula. This should explain the differences.


You can find more information about it here:

Hi Ahmad. We’d be happy to resolve any problem. Give us a call at 1-800-294-7695, and one of our paralegals will be happy to assist.

Go to and take a membership for nominal charges. And I am sure they will definitely provide you the real and accurate credit scores.

Or you can request your credit score for free at

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