Hi, Pat!  Hi Ilene...

Pat had a good answer...but I would also take it to the fabric store and get a sewing consultant there to help me.  Before I left home...I would look around the room and if you have a throw pillow in the room...take it with you.  Then with help...I would find a contrasting pattern...same type fabric...or even a solid color...something I LIKED...match them up...and have the measurements across the top of the window...buy that much added fabric on yardage...go home...cut the scarf valance in half...and sew the new fabric portion joining the two ends.  In other words...across the top of the window would have the new fabric...and down each side...the scarf valance you already have. 

You could lay it out on the table at the fabric store to see how it would look...to know the final result.  You might even take a picture of it laid out...and mull over it for a few days.  Try different looks...different fabrics...get pics of all.  So you can decide before you go back. 

I like to mix and match...and come up with something unique.  Just make sure it's what you want before you do it...or you will be buying 7 yards of scarf material to put back up there.  

And if I couldn't find something I liked...that's what I would do anyway...find something on sale...and do it myself with the new fabric.

Have fun with it!!!



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Hi Faye and I hope you had a blessed and enjoyable Sunday. My, it sounds like you know how to sew. I bet you could turn that window scarf into something really pretty.

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