Reactor? What Reactor?

A senior Syrian official on Friday all but ruled out new visits by UN inspectors probing allegations that his country had a covert program that could be used to make nuclear weapons.

Syrian refusal to allow inspections could doom the International Atomic Energy Agency's efforts to follow up US assertions that a site reportedly bombed by Israel last year was a nearly finished reactor that could have produced plutonium.

Syria allowed the IAEA to visit the site near the desert town of Al Kibar in June but has since turned down requests for more inspections.

"We will not allow another visit," said Ibrahim Othman, the head of Syria's atomic agency.

He said the IAEA had agreed with Syria that there would be only be one visit. The IAEA has said it agreed to make one initial visit, but has requested others.

The IAEA has said it suspects three other sites may have been nuclear-related and linked to the bombed location.

Othman described the three sites as (non-nuclear) "military bases" that could not be visited by outsiders, although higher Syrian authorities could decide otherwise.

An IAEA report this week heightened concerns about Al Kibar, saying that satellite imagery and other evidence showed it had the characteristics of a nuclear reactor. It also said that soil samples taken from the bombed site had a "significant number" of chemically processed natural uranium particles.

A senior UN official, who demanded anonymity because the information was restricted, said the findings were unusual for a facility that Syria alleges had no nuclear purpose, but Othman dismissed the findings.

"Collecting three (uranium) particles from the desert doesn't mean there is a reactor there," he told reporters on the sidelines of an IAEA meeting on Syria and Iran.

Gregory L. Schulte, the chief US delegate to the IAEA, said the IAEA report reinforced suspicions "that Syria was secretly building a nuclear reactor." The US has said it believes Syria was working on the reactor with North Korean help.

Iran, meanwhile, heaped scorn on US allegations that Tehran's advances in uranium enrichment was moving it closer to nuclear arms capability, saying US President George W. Bush was "dreaming" of any excuse to give Washington an excuse to provoke confrontation. The US has not ruled out military action unless Iran stops enrichment and heeds other UN Security Council demands.

For years, Iran has been the focus of international concerns that it might seek to develop nuclear arms. It has been under IAEA investigation since 2002 - and UN sanctions since 2006 - due to revelations of covert atomic activities, allegations that it had past plans to develop such weapons and its refusal to stop enrichment, which can produce both reactor fuel and fissile warhead material.

Schulte said Iran's defiance of the UN Security Council ban on enrichment is "deeply troubling because it is only a small step from the low enriched uranium that Iran is now stockpiling to the highly enriched uranium that Iran would need to build a bomb."

Ali Ashgar Soltanieh, its chief IAEA delegate, dismissed Schulte's allegations.

"Bush many times was dreaming I am sure" that Tehran would kick out IAEA inspectors and break out of the Nonproliferation Treaty as an excuse for confrontation, said Soltanieh - adding that was something his country would not do.

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There is absolutely nothing secret about Syria's nuclear weapons program.  More alarming is their comprehensive buildup of all NBC weapons and delivery systems, tailored to reach Israel and points beyond.

They have bought insane quantities of Sarin gas, and duplex SCUD-II launchers.  This is not a defensive posture.  This is an offensive posture and it will not take long for the oil-rich Syrians to launch pre-emptive strikes against Israel.

Of still greater concern, Syria views Obama's election with dire fear: his foolish policies will undo what the highly credible and experienced Bush team put together over the last eight years.

In short, WWIII.

Unfortunately, the brash democrat Obama, with his resistance to all things Republican, will get us into one horrific mess after another.  Such disloyalty and Obama's clearly settled agenda for "Black America, white America," sends Syria the wrong message: we are not about to topple as a nation. 

Obama makes it look that way, which WILL provoke numerous attacks on our home soil and Obama is so stupid that he will run like a coward, then we will face worse persecution than tramp steamers loaded with nukes in the Potomac. 

We must lay the blame for that foundling at the door of the disloyal Democrats.



Even light will bend to do our bidding if we apply force correctly. The lowest servant in Heaven is still in Heaven, whoever rules in hell is still in hell, but they won't rule for long. No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a little child.

MarineReconDad We actually already made one attempt to try to set it up this summer. The war in Georgia was actually about Russia stopping the CIA and Israel from setting up a staging area in that country for the air operations so Israeli Jets wouldn't end up having to fly over other hostile countries we don't control. The Georgian Military was trying to capture just enough the few miles it need of Azerbaijan to reach the Caspian Sea and have naval supply and support for the operation when Russia counter attacked driving the Georgians back into Georgia. Had the Russian Military failed to respond as it did much of Iran would be vaporized right now along with a good portion of our Sixth Fleet in counter attack, likely the Saudi and Iraqi oil fields up in flames too.

Don't you just love the smell of Napalm in the morning?

The only people who don't know what's really going on is most of we the people. It's why every nation's military in the world is on such a high state of alert right now.

It is not a matter of if but when and how.

Don't worry about Obama responding appropriately. He is sitting there so that the guys who know how to respond appropriately can join Elvis outside the building so they can get it done. Obama can't even get his hands on that aparatus that's off limits to him.

Nothing stops World War III, Obama is just there to calm the agitant left and bring them into the ranks through his deception.

If you are in favor of World War III being waged to the all out destruction of Islam, Zionism and most of Christianity then do not worry! Things are well under control and moving right along.

Keep in mind though they aren't fighting it to promote one dominent idealogy they are fighting it to get rid of all idealogies. They want to do away with multiple idealogies and ethnology and make a highly regimented machine like society.

What ever you might be fighting World War III for won't matter, that is why its being fought and the outcome of it if fought as planned.

They are probably going to have you in it and back in uniform before you know it.

They are going to be after NCO there ever was soon. There is an excellent chance you are going to be asked/told to actually fight in it. Conscription by the way is a great way to get a couple million unemployed people of the streets in a desintigrating economy.

LOL can you imagine the looks on the Obamaites face when they finally find out what they voted for when they find a gun thrust into their hands with another one pointed at their head!

Hey we tried to warn them? I know I did.

 I just read an article yesterday, that recruitment quotas were now being met. When the new recruits where asked why they voluntereed now they gave two answers. First, because of the economy ( no jobs). Second, you'll love this. Because Obama is getting everyone out of Iraq! They apparently think they are all going to be stateside! And the Adderal must have wore off before they heard the second part about going to Afghanistan! My son is now with a Marine recon unit in Iraq. when I told him that he just laughed and said,"Those poor dumb bastards!"

I have another son who just turned 20. All his friends voted for Obama. I told them thats good because you will all have a job! They said,"why is that?" I said you will all be in the Army. They laughed. Two days after he turned 20 my son's selective service regisration was at the house. He said,"What is this?" I told him, the ticket to your future! Sudenly, the lights went on with the friends! One kid said, I have flat feet, another one said I didn't even vote for him! All I did was shake my head, and think those poor dumb bastards!


The way the mainstream news media reports on Afghanistan all those poor dumb kids probably think its just a walk in the park there compared to Iraq! Wait until they meet the poppy growing Afghan Heroine and Hindu Kush hashish kings who actually were pretty happy with how they kept their wives at home and how of their hair until we came along!


Wow, if they think the Cripps have it out for the Bloods wait until they get a load of that mess! Well at least they will get to score truly primo for cheap and likely never encounter any dry spells. War! You would think they would have one everyday when you get down to some of its finer advantages. Of course they pretty much do somewhere.


We have Special Forces all over Africa these days too training various African Union Government’s Military Forces. You can look for those forces to head up towards Egypt and Sudan and Libya. The reality is our military is not really our military, the New World Order militarily started at the onset of the First Gulf War, that was the trial run for the command and support structure for NATO and the United Nations minus Russia and China for World War III.


You are definitely going to have to be a Senator or Congressmen’s son to get out of this one. Even then you aren’t going to get out of it, they are either going to be fighting over there somewhere or fighting over here somewhere in the Internal Security Force they will create rapidly after Obama takes office. They will probably use another ‘terrorist attack’ to justify Bush hitting Iran before February and Obama will use it once he takes office to move immediately to shore up our internal security. Those will be the rank and file fodder to weed out the communist sleepers and to try to disarm the militias.


There is not a gun store in the U.S. that has a AR-15 or AK-47 in stock right now. Whether it’s a Sig, Bushmaster, Armalite, Colt, HK, or FN or FNAR they flew off the shelves immediately after Obama got elected and our back ordered months now. The far right is heavily armed and arming. A lot of those kids in that Internal Security Force are going to go down harder and faster here than they will over there.


It would have all pretty much happened the same way under McCain too. If it goes badly the Republicans will be back in 2012, if it goes good it’s hard to tell what the future of government is going to be when they get done fighting this nonsense out. Its incredible but the reality is they gave everyone those three books to bring it to this one day, the Talmud, Bible and Koran are the actual blueprint for the masses to mass consume in the Thesis, Anti-Thesis, right/left paradigm.


Poor dumb people, if you think it’s hard trying to tell people about Obama trying telling anyone that. That’s exactly what has happened though and now all the worthless eaters of the world get to die.


I liked Lassie Come Home, that was a nice wholesome feel good entertaining story. Guess you can’t get anyone to fight over that though.


Lets hope making it to the other side of this thing is worth the trip!


They probably will have enlistment going within about six months everyone between 18 and 45, men and women.


I might even make the cut and get included! Wow that would be cool, too bad I am terrible about checking the mail huh?

I remember how I reacted to the draft in Vietnam.  I saw a bunch of protesters parading up and down along Wilshire Blvd in LA, protesting that the military had guns and how evil guns were.

"Really?  They have the BIG guns too, don't they?"  I felt along my side for the .45 ACP I had in a shoulder holster, which was almost as loud as the Triumph 500 chopper I was riding. 

I made up my mind immediately.  I walked in and enlisted.  They didn't herd me into a bus: I rode to San Diego.  I had to turn in my 45 to the Provost Marshall's Office, but thewy gave it back to me, stored safely in the armory, and to my delight, the armorer had installed a new set of grips!

I will admit that the C.O. didn't like that Triumph I rode, so within a few weeks of graduating boot camp, I had my behind on a new Harley FLHT, bought for 35% below retail at the Marine Corps Exchange. 

I never ate so well as I regularly did at enlisted mess, then when I became a Staff NCO, I lived in luxury at the SNCO quarters.  That is not a joke: it really was very nice.  When I got married, my family had full dental, medical, housing allowance, but we lived in base housing because we had our friends nearby and the quarters were very tasty indeed. 

When the Vietnam War ended, so did my tenure with the Marines.  But I will also say that they bought me a BSAE degree, with a minor in Business Administration.

As food for thought, today's sewrviceman has much better morale support services, shorter tours of duty, and better pay.

I do not hesitate to recommend a military career.

Even light will bend to do our bidding if we apply force correctly. The lowest servant in Heaven is still in Heaven, whoever rules in hell is still in hell, but they won't rule for long. No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a little child.

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