Why are razors so expensive?

Can someone please explain to me why are razors so expensive? Does it cost so much to manufacture them? Or is it R&D? Something else? Plain greed?

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I think you are referring to razor blades themselves? In any event, it is my opinion (in any case not professional knowledge) that Razor companies make their profits off the blades and not the razor handles in the same way printer companies make money off ink and not printers. Blades need to be replaced very frequently (once a week or so) and are proprietary systems in 100% of the cases, meaning you cannot use a blade from a competing company in your gilette razor. The high price, as far as I am aware, is due to two factors: The first is indeed the issue of R&D, the second is in most cases the "Luxury factor" associated with the brand name. In both cases it is worthwhile for any manufacturing company to charge more for their blades since it is a product almost everyone uses very frequently, men and women alike, and provides a steady flow of cash towards the company.

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Razors are not eepnsive if you consider the ration razor price / number of peals, or razor price / number of years of usage

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Number of years of usage? I use one razor for about 0.05 years. For how long do you use one?

Mine can last more than 5 or 6 years. You just need to do appropriate cleaning every week, and perfect cleaning every month ;)

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Sounds like we're talking about two different things... I'm using Gillete Mach 3 or something like that (God, what a silly name) and you're probably using... Um, a "real" razor? I really don't know the right words in English, it seems.

I'm using electrical shavers. They are the only one allowed by The Law ;)

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So I guess I'll wait for some criminal to answer my question Smile

Come to think of it, I've never tired an electical shaver. I always thought razors shave closer. Am I wrong about this?

You're right, but razors hurt more than electrival shavers ;)

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As a fellow "criminal" I can tell you that I also use Gilette Mach 3. I try to change my razor every couple of weeks, I've found that I get a better shave that way, and it is easier on my skin.

I don't have a really good answer for your original query, in my opinion it is a matter of supply and demand. As long as people will be prepared to pay those prices for razors, the companies will have no incentive to reduce price.

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