Rats and Hamsters living together

Can hamsters and rats live together?

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Mack ,Oren's answer is maybe  too decisive, but the bottom line is that though  rats may not be aggressive,  by their very nature are opportunistic feeders and will view the smaller hamsters as nothing more than prey.

The only mix I know of that works is gerbils and hamsters, and even then you have to start when they are barely walking. 

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The hamster will be dinner to the rat.

Hi Oren, I'd be interested to know what your answer is based on. Is it personal experience? My (admittedly limited) experience with rats and hamsters has been that hamsters are far more agressive than rats. Rats are social animals, used to living in packs with a defined social hierarchy, whereas hamsters live alone, and are therefore more prone to be agressive to animals in their area.

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Rats Will EAT Your Hamster!

Remember, Rats Are Ombnivores, The WILL Eat Smaller Mammals.

Believe me.

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I have a rat and a hamster. Rodney Rat and Zelda the Hamster and when I tried to put them into the same cage the hamster began to nibble on the rat. Rodney squeeked after Zelda bit him and we let him out. From what I can tell hamsters are more territorial than rats and rats are much more passive, and far less aggressive if at all.

NO! Not at all. Your rat will eat your little hammie. I have 4 rats. My biggest one tried to to a little one before. It's not good.

I do not beleive in mixed mariges

Slow down, take it easy, what's your hurry. Do it later, it can wait. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Mellow, chill, be cool mon. Lights out for nesting season.

I don't think so. The hamster might kill the rat. Hamsters are very territorial.

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