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i have a serious problem digesting raspberry seed,yet the mold my family loves at thanksgiving is a raspberry pineapple mold.(smiles)it's been a tradition for so long ,but after all these years i'd ...

Hi Joan,

I'm sorry to hear of your digestive problems but think I have a solution for you. When I make jam and put up dew berries from a summer's picking I rinse them and heat to simmering with enough water on the bottom a heavy pot in a (stir often to make sure they don't stick). When they begin to exude their juice a bit I use a potato masher to really mash the berries well then use a very fine sieve lined with either a double layer of cheese cloth or I've even used clean old cotton dish towel to strain the seeds from the juice. My grandmother used to use old sheets or cloth dinner napkins  and put the berries in it and squeeze by twisting the ends and throw out the seeds and remaining pulp. Use the seedless juice to make your recipe having the juice as the liquid called for in the recipe.

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Wow!Thankyou so so much-for the first time i may have a chance of eating the jello mold without stomach pains from those little mean raspberry seeds!!!I vhave a fine mesh strainer and a cheese cloth so thats what i'll use. I will let you know after thanksgiving how it turned out ,but i'm sure it will be great!Happy holidays,sincerely,joan

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