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Everytime i get hot or sweaty i break out in an ...

everytime i get hot or sweaty i break out in an awful itchy rash.i know it is heat rash but how do i stop it? i cant do any strenuous activity for longer than 30 mins and i am itchy and hived for 30mins to 3hours..

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If you always break out in the same places, you can try using an antiperserant. Heat rash happens when sweat get trapped under your skin which is often the result of tight fitting clothing. You can also try wearing loose fitting clothing in natural fabrics like cotton (rather than things like nylon or spandex) to work out in. A cool shower will help to ease the itching, and baby powder will help wick the sweat from under your skin, relieving the rash.

oh trust me i have tried that it just doesnt seem to work and yes i do wear light clothing . i have also found that if i get too stress it seems to get even worse.. or even come on from stress.

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