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Is there a detectable difference between adult urine and child's urine? Can it be used to pass a drug test?

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Most drug testing is done under direct observation. If you were allowed to collect the test specimen unobserved, it would still be difficult to maintain the child's urine at body temperature. The sample is tested for temperature. But, yes, clean urine is clean urine. And clean urine would pass.

In answer to your question, there are no significant differences between adolescent/teenage and adult urine.

And now, a question for you. Is this the kind of behavior that you want to teach your children?


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just research for a screenplay, man.  thanks for the advice though.  so you are saying that (excluding being observed or getting caught somehow), that even the urine from a child of, say, 3 could be used?  they dont see levels of pharamones or hormones or something?  I thought they cold detect male urine from female urine, too.

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