Rape of Palestinian women by Israeli soldiers?

Rape of women during wartime, especially by soldiers, has been a war tactic or a side effect of war throughout history.

Is there any evidence of rape (or other types of sexual aggression) of Palestinian women by Israeli soldiers?

I haven't heard of such a case and don't know where to look.

(This may be because a woman in a traditional society is extremely unlikely to tell anyone)


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I haven't heard of reports about sexual assaults against Palestinian women by Israeli soldiers or settlers (though I believe that sexist remarks in roadblocks in the occupied territories are something you can't avoid). I checked the Machsom Watch and Btselem websites, but couldn't find any decent report of such behavior. I did find a document by Btselem that deals with so-called sexual harrasment: it's about Palestinian women who were ordered to undress during a search in their homes. The undressing took place in front of a women-only police or military personnel, while the men personnel remained in another room.

There are, however, many reports of sexual abuse towards Palestinian prisoners in jails and interrogation centers. I don't know if that kind of behavior is what you're looking for, since I think that even if Palestinian prisoners are treated worse than "regular" criminal prisoners in that aspect, it still is a treatment all prisoners are at risk of suffering from.

I guess that for more information you can try and contact Machsom Watch, Btselem or Peace Now, or maybe dig a little deeper in the reports by Btselem and machsom Watch. I hope that gives you a decent place to start from (if decent is indeed the appropriate word in that context. I hope you'll find nothing that I should be ashamed of as an Israeli citizen.



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Here is a shocking thought: maybe you never heard about it because...*gasp*...it doesn’t happen?

I know, I know, it is very hard to grasp because among all the other vicious and criminal activities that Israeli soldiers commit against the poor Palestinians on daily basis sexual violence must be there too, right?

With Israel being accused of every mischief that ever happened to every single oppressed innocent Palestinian, from failed marriages to loss of appetite to paper cuts done by evil paper provided by the Zionists, I think that mass rape of shy, chaste, God-fearing Palestinian women would hardly go unnoticed, traditional society or not.

And don’t even mention the Palestinian babies whose blood the Israeli soldiers drink on New Year’s Eve when the vodka runs out...

But don’t give hope! If you haven’t found any evidence yet, try looking harder, you will eventually find some no doubt...or make one yourself...

I mean, oh please, give us a break...


As someone who served in both Intifadas' I can tell you - you never heard about it, because - it N E V E R  H A P P E N E D  !!!!!

I can tell you stories about Palestinian women trying to K I L L Israeli soldiers with knifes/guns/bombs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Annoynymous, The israeli soldiers drink the blood of palestinian babies on Passover, not New Year's Eve. You should realy check your facts before posting...




The mere posting of this is going to create a movement to prove the contrary.  It is just a matter of time before "Amnesty International", puts together some document found and delivered by some freak in a wood shack that says otherwise.  Racists really aren't creative, don't give them any ideas. I find more times then not that antisemitism evolves from "Liberal" Jews who were exploring self hate from arbitrary thoughts on the imperfection of life and were stupid enough to share their self hatred with others.  Be so "Liberal" that you are wise enough to know when not to be.   You can't dislike your own fart in a private bathroom and be a Jew without a butterfly effect.

Man who lives in glass house dresses in basement

If there was we wouldnt know about it.  For one, there are few cultures in the Middle East that believe that there is ever even such a thing as rape.  It would not be in her best interest to tell anyone in some cultures, as it could get her jailed or killed.  And secondly, there are serious restrictions on what we are able to get our hands on media-wise.  American media has been banned from various Israeli military campaigns and severely restricted on others. 

Dux Femina Facti -The Aeneid

Well , i've heard nothing about mass rape tactics.  Not likely to  have happened. with  the spotlight on the area and underground news getting to tje internet, no such reports have been made. I thingk  depriving the åalestinians of life necessities, health care and murder is enough to put a people down. There are good reasons for why Ariel Sharon is wanted  for war crimes in Europe.

Israel has no shortage of Internet Cafes open to all.  If there were something like this it would of hit by now.  

DailyRebellions is silly
Man who lives in glass house dresses in basement

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