How are radical behaviorism and cognitive psychology similar?

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Specific Components for a Behavioral Science Unit

Before the FBI had a BSU, it was a small group of Agents called profilers. Candy, "Johnson", (been a lonk time, not sure of her last name), was one of the first and has written several books. Go to, search non-fiction, profiler, Auth. Candy... She stays up to date and still lectures. Also ...

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No! Positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement are the best ways to stop a bad behavior. Which is the daughter earns the wants back pretty much. Like per say you have grounded your daughter but she does something correctly in your mind then you unground her for a certain activity not fully ...

Define compensatory behaviors " psychology"

unconcious behaviors to compensate for an imagined or real deficite

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There is a reson for them acting out this way perhaps research that if possible cause and this is her effect. Behavior is learned one way is through life experiences good or bad...