Does my racoon have tick fever

I found an adult racoon wandering around in the day time  and in the pouring rain. He acted liked he was drunk, he would walk a few steps and fall down, he is very thin and could barley make a try to get away. He is eating but shakes and at times i think it will be dead in a few minuets. I pulled 3 huge ticks off him and a couple of little ones. can anyone tell me what he might have and how to treat it. I have had him for 2 days.  i guess i forgot to mention there has been no reported cases of rabies of any kind where i live and no racoon rabies in the state, this is also not the first racoon i have rasied or rescued and am well aware they are wild animals and not pets, but to report he is doing some what better, and think it could possible be distemper. I have tried to find help in the past and the vets i my area are unwilling to treat a coon, but thanks for the advice i know it was given in good will. Smile

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BE VERY CAREFUL ... sick rackoons often have rabies and if he does and bites you the treatment is hell for you.   It's NOT a good idea to be handling him like a pet, it could be dangerous and you do NOT know what a sick racoon might do (biting).


You could call a vet. and see what advice they had.  I don't know if the might be the cause of he problem, but it sounds VERY sick.


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Stop handling this raccoon what you are describing I would say is Rabies . Altho they can carry several other diseases .  Call a veterinarian or a wild life expert , this poor animal needs professional help , perhaps even put down humanely .  

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Get a vet. Rabies isn't that horrible to treat these days, but it's still not terribly pleasant. Here's something to think about. I know raccoons are cute as hell. They also suffer one of the highest rates of rabies of any wild animal. You should NEVER handle a wild animal that appears sick. NEVER. Let me repeat that. NEVER! See a vet immediately, and possibly a doctor.

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